Ian Lyons, better known as Treepeoh, is an up and coming DJ in Chicago, a city thriving with electronic dance music. His story is much like every DJ\’s story, it is full of peaks and downfalls. Although there are many similarities, I think each story, including his, offers something different and reaches out to the audience in a unique way.Treepeoh is a young DJ who began creating bass music only a few years ago, but it sounds as if he has been producing music for a long time. His tracks, remixes or his own productions, are a perfect mix between Skrillex and Bassnectar and always have promising bass drops.

I asked Treepeoh about his journey and what it was like being and upcoming DJ in Chicago. He told me how he had his first experience with electronic dance music in 2011, when he attended one of Skrillex\’s shows. From that point on he found a new passion for producing music and dedicated himself to becoming successful. Getting your name out there as a new DJ is difficult, but with Chicago\’s outstanding bass music community it makes it easier for one to immerse themselves in the industry. But, As Treepeoh said himself, because of the large EDM community in Chicago there are a lot more artists causing a larger competition.

A little competition never hurts anyone, especially not Treepeoh. He has dedicated all his time to getting his name out there in anyway he can, including playing free shows. After doing that for a while, Treepeoh decided that it would be best for him to pursue bass music even further and work on getting consistently paid gigs. His persistence and hard work lead to him striking it big  and landing an opportunity to perform at this years Stellar Spark 12 on New Years Eve. Performers such as Carnage and Brillz will also be performing at Stellar Spark 12. Treepeoh then talked to me about the process of getting his name out there. He did not give me some long in-depth response about his hardships he simply said,

\”To become a DJ or a producer all you got to do is truly want it, simple as that. If you actually care about it you will do something about it.\”

His response says a lot about him, rather than talking about a journey full of sacrifices he talked about drive and passion. Individuals like Treepeoh should be recognized because they are not in it just for money and fame. They pursue producing music because it means so much more to them. His effort is portrayed through his tracks, espeically in his origonal mix No Body. Treepeoh will definitely have a promising future as a DJ in Chicago, due to his pure love and dedication to producing music.

If you are ever in the Chicago land region don\’t hesitate to go to one of Treepeoh\’s shows, you won\’t regret it. The location of his shows can be found on his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Treepeoh and the rest of his tracks can be found on his Soundcloud. Up coming producers are an inspiration to every individual whether you like EDM or not. Those who do make it, stand as truth to the fact if you follow your dream and don\’t give yourself the option for failure, you will succeed.