Shawn Serrano has undoubtedly sealed a spot among the top live mashers with his latest work \”Mac n\’ Cheese\”, a five minute creation eclipsing samples from 134 different songs. Those who are familiar with Serrano\’s earlier work \”Pizza Rolls\”, which came out in early 2013, know this is not his first rendezvous on the live mashup platform. Pizza Rolls, though recognized as a great production and show of skill, only encompassed 53 samples in a little over four minutes. But there\’s more to \”Mac n\’ Cheese\” than just the number of samples included in the mashup that makes it so great. Watch as Serrano not only layers multiple midi-mapped instruments, but employs outside props and even turns his video game controllers into a a means for triggering and controlling samples as they are played on his command.

Check out the Mac n\’ Cheese track list and grab some quality free mashups on Shawn Serrano\’s Soundcloud.