There are two types of essays, argumentative and informative. An informative essay is when you let your audience know everything about the topic and you write it in the form of a question. Informative is very easy to write, it’ll take you 2-3 tries to get the hang of it.

Whereas an argumentative essay is a difficult task to do. We will be focusing on how to write a convincing argumentative essay in this article. In an argumentative essay, you will present at least 4-5 arguments about your topic which you will gather while researching your topic.

An argumentative is of 5 paragraphs so each paragraph will have its argument. You can also work on 2 arguments then support either one of them in the conclusion. It’s really up to the teacher what type of argumentative essay they give you.

You will mostly get argumentative essays to write in college and universities because informative is too easy to write. It’s something everyone should learn as you can get big scholarships through good essay writing. These types of essays require hours of research because everything has to be legit and no information can be faked.

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Every argument should be supported with at least 2 support sentences so that the reader knows how that argument can be better than the other one. It’s important to let your reader know these little details. It’s what makes the essay interesting and fun to read. Websites like WowEssays have amazing examples of argumentative essays, if you’re looking for some samples make sure to visit their website.

It’s really important to know how to write every type of essay. The most confusing one is argumentative but I guarantee you if you follow these steps, you’ll be writing the best-written pieces of argumentative essays.

Most of the time, the essays you get in colleges and universities are argumentative, you will rarely get informative ones to write because it’s really easy to write them as every little information is available online but when it comes to argumentative essays, you have to make your arguments and support sentences to support it.

According to, argumentative essays are essentially designed to develop ideas through which college or university students can prove their points logically. Students can go on many sites and look at sample argumentative essays to gain a good understanding of how to write a convincing argumentative essay. When writing an argumentative essay, your main goal should be to convince the reader to adopt a particular concept like cleaning your society, etc.

Follow this step-by-step guide to writing an amazing and convincing argumentative essay;

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Select a substantial topic for your argumentative essay

When you’re given an informative essay to write, you’re also given a topic of your teacher’s choice. However, this isn’t the case with argumentative essays. You will always have the freedom to choose your topic when you’re writing an argumentative essay.

Choose a substantial topic so it’s easier for you to research about it and interesting for the reader to read.

Start your research

When researching, you need peace so try to research in a library as it’s the most peaceful place you can research. You can use the library computers for faster research. Reading every other book will take you ages to gather all the main ideas and support arguments.

Every little information is available on the internet within just a few clicks. As you know, an essay is 5 paragraphs, but you will only work on 2 arguments. Although you can give more than 2 support sentences for each argument.

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Review your topic with an interesting introduction

Introduction is an important part of an essay. If the introduction is boring, the reader won’t even bother reading the whole essay. You will have to explain the importance of your topic in the introduction. Try to add a little conversational element to it to make it interesting.

Then work on your thesis statement, write it according to the guidelines mentioned in the assignment paper. You have to be good at this part of your essay and if you’re not, master it as soon as possible because writing a convincing essay isn’t possible without mastering this part.

Draft the body of your essay

Drafting makes it easier when writing the body of the essay. Use the main points that you’ve gathered and plot them in the two paragraphs of your own choice. Also, don’t forget to add the support sentences to it so that the reader knows both sides of the story. Without support sentences, the essay will look incomplete.

If you want your essay to look good, always try to avoid using biased statements. Let the reader know why you’re arguing. They need to know the reason for the argument so that they can understand why you’re arguing and then, later on, adapt your concept in their own life.

You need to have a very clear understanding of your argument because people will  try to ruin or prove your statement wrong. So you should have every possible legit statement to back it up. This is why research skills are very important when it comes to writing an argumentative essay. Effective research is required as you will boldly have to present your arguments and convince your readers to support them.

Make sure to mention both pros and cons of both the arguments so that it doesn’t look biased. Show that you’re afraid of the second argument. This brings an interesting element to the body of your essay. In simpler words, don’t be afraid to mention the important information about the other side.

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Give it an ending

The ending can be given by writing a conclusion. In this, you will be supporting one of your points and giving your own opinion on it. Write at least 5-6 lines about the point you’re supporting and briefly mention the support sentences too so that you don’t have to create new support sentences to show that you’re supporting it.

As this is the ending of your essay, don’t try to add new information as you will only be reviewing the previous points of your essay. Nothing new should be added to this part of your essay. However, if you’ve missed something important, you can briefly explain it in just one sentence otherwise just avoid adding new stuff.