Absconding means leaving secretly and quickly from a place or a job without a reason. All of a sudden if an individual leaves a place due to various reasons including prosecutions, arrest, summons, or any other legal process or a course of action by a creditor. The employee may try to escape from the arrest or the police custody.

Under the UAE law, a person is absconding if he fails to appear in the workplace for more than 1 week or 7 days consecutively. This is done without a valid reason. As per the UAE Labor law, this means that the employee has gone AWOL meaning absent without leave.

The absence of reporting from the workplace for over 7 days in a year without any valid reason can lead to legal action. This can be termed as absconding and under this, the employer has a full right to take any action against his employee. This is done without a valid reason or without discussing it with the employee or the immediate subordinate or reporting line.


On the contrary, if an employer has reported absconding in bad faith. He is liable to pay AED 10,000 which is the penalty for false reporting. Moreover, if an employer fakes the absconding he can also face a ban from operating in the UAE.

The rules are very strict under it and as discussed earlier they have to pay AED 10,000 along with the possibility of facing a company’s closure or a complete shutdown. The employer needs to be extra cautious yet careful while doing so. If the employer is absent himself from the workplace, he must ensure every aspect before proceeding further with such an action.

Moreover, the medical reasons must also be scrutinized under this scenario. There must be a reporting of the absences to the company according to the right channel of communication. Normally the communication should be in written form to make it a document and thus it is also one of the proofs.

The Employer may dismiss the employees without giving a prior notice following the absence of successive seven days during a single year.  If the employee has a valid reason for the failure the reporting to the employer that under such conditions absconding must not be affected.


An Absconding report is often submitted to the employers. Therefore, to file for the absconding report, the employer enquiries to open a labor complaint against the employee. The requisites for filing the complaints will be thoroughly scrutinized to check for the validity of the conditions. If the conditions are unmatchable then the complaint shall be withdrawn. Furthermore, the employer is also held responsible to deposit approximately AED 3000 for filing such a complaint.

Labor and Employment Lawyers

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