Bongs are a cost-effective way to accentuate your high. Sure, buying a big water pipe can cost a little more than rolling papers or a hand pipe upfront. However, there are many long-term benefits to getting a bong. Here are some reasons why it’s time to switch to a bong.

1. You Use Less Cannabis

Those Illinois weed taxes are no joke. Every time you light up a joint, you just see dollar bills burning to ash. So, bubble away your troubles by finding the best bong from Badass Glass.

Yes, chilling with a joint after a long day is very relaxing. However, it’s also easy to zone out and burn that thing down to the filter mindlessly. Smoking from a bong prevents you from wasting weed because you only use what you need.

Like hand pipes, the weed in bongs isn’t contained by the rolling paper. Rolling papers helps create an even burn that might also result in wasting cannabis.

With water pipes, you can corner the cannabis in your bong’s basin. This technique will allow you to dictate how much marijuana you smoke per session!

2. You Get Higher


Not only do you use less weed, but you use your bud more efficiently when you’re smoking from a bong. That’s because you end up feeling higher, which means you’ll smoke less naturally.

Bongs get you higher because they are highly filtrated. Hot smoke must become immersed in cool water. In some cases, there are ice cubes in the mouthpiece, too!

All of these perks of a bong allow you to inhale more smoke in shorter sessions. These benefits inevitably promote a more sustainable high that lasts longer and costs less.

3. It’s Easier on the Lungs

The purpose of cool smoke isn’t just to help you experience a better high, but it certainly helps! Filtering your smoke actually helps clear out toxins and resin that you would otherwise inhale, as well.

Many studies show that smoking can cause inflammation in the lungs. Smoke is caused by the combustion of marijuana when it meets a flame.

That’s a really high temperature! Touching that flame with a finger can cause a burn. Imagine what it can do to your throat and lungs.

This heat is a large part of the reason why many people cough when they smoke. Therefore, smoking a pipe or blunt regularly can cause congestion, trouble breathing, sore throats, and more.

Water and ice are excellent ways to cool down the smoke. Having these extras added on to your apparatus can really elevate your experience. You can take longer hits without fear of burning your throat. Long drags can still cause coughing, but it’s that good hit kind of cough, not the “my lungs are on fire” type!

4. Cleaning Is A Breeze


The worst part about owning a hand pipe (or any smoking apparatus) is cleaning it. Unless you like to get high and get to work on scrubbing. Hey, many do and we don’t judge…well, maybe slightly.

Cleaning a hand pipe can be very burdensome. There is very little wiggle room to get a pipe cleaner within those tight areas to clean up all the nooks and crannies.

These build-ups get even worse if you go too long in between cleaning. Even the best pipe cleaning solutions, soap, or water can get trapped in the resin trapped within the basin. This can cause nasty ash water to travel up the pipe when you inhale.

Water bongs are easier to clean because there is more surface area. There is less room for gunk to clutter. You will spot the troublesome areas easier and be able to address them accordingly. So all of you smokers out there who have left the bong water a little too long, get cleaning! It’s super easy and quick.

All you need to do to clean your bong is remove all the pieces and pour in some isopropyl alcohol along with coarse salt. Then you just give it a good swirl for a few minutes and rinse with some soap and water. That’s it! Works really well too!

Also, many brushes for these bongs are more durable than traditional pipe cleaners for hand pipes. Cleaning is a far less frustrating experience!

5. Everything Tastes Better

There are hundreds of marijuana strains in this world. Each has a unique set of terpenes and cannabinoids that give it a unique flavor profile. Smoking hand pipes and joints make it harder to appreciate those nuances.

That’s because hot smoke burns our tastebuds and throats. We don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the experience. Instead, we’re trying to inhale as quickly as possible so we can exhale.

Bongs allow you to take your time. Cool smoke collects those terpenes and cannabinoids and introduces them to your tastebuds. You can actually depict if the flavor is fruity, earthy, or even has notes of chocolate!

6. They’re A Lot of Fun


At the end of the day, smoking marijuana should be fun. Bongs bring the smoking session to life.

For one, they come in many varieties. From the type of material to the color, choosing the best bong for you is a personalized experience. You can get a basic straight tube or beaker, or go crazy and get one shaped like an avocado (if you feel that strongly about avocados…)

Plus, they just look cool. Watching the smoke travel up the mouthpiece adds to the anticipation of what you know is going to be a great hit.

Lastly, they’re much easier to pass and sociable for gatherings. More people are likely to come and hang around to watch people rip from a bong than see them sitting around a joint.


Bongs aren’t just any smoking accessory. They are the gateway to some of your best highs.

Getting a bong is an investment in your smoking experiences. They are more sustainable than joint papers and more efficient than hand pipes. In the long run, you’ll end up saving more money, cleaning less, and enjoying every puff!