Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to eat fruits and add them to your diet. Not only are there various options in the market, but you can make them at home. Smoothies provide the nutrition you need and make your hunger disappear. But are all smoothies beneficial for you?

Smoothies, just like food, have different purposes. Smoothies containing sugars or, in other words, more fat would generally not aid you in losing weight. Similarly, a chocolate smoothie would not give you glowing skin. A particular combination of fruits will aid you in detoxifying, weight loss, or achieving glowing skin. But, if you make it with the right combination of fruits, you can achieve multiple targets.

Weight loss and glowing skin are the most common reasons for consuming smoothies. You can even find a few ideas and smoothies for a 21 day smoothie diet on But before you start consuming them, you should know if smoothies are the way to achieve weight loss and glowing skin.

Should Smoothies Be Your Go-To For Glowing Skin And Weight Loss?


Smoothies have flavors of so many fruits, and few contain sugars and milk. Even though milk is very important in your diet, it is a primary ingredient to avoid if you want glowing skin. Milk is usually known for causing acne to the skin, and this results in uneven skin and texture. Therefore you won’t be able to achieve smooth, glowing skin.

Similar to milk, sugar is not good for your skin as well as your weight. Sugar can be the primary reason why acne scars and dark spots are not fading away from my skin. Sugar known for causing weight gain is usually mixed in smoothies. Even though fruits have sugar, adding extra sugar to the smoothie makes it undesirable to consume.

Hence, any smoothie containing milk, sugar, or other similar additive makes it undesirable to consume for weight loss and achieving glowing skin. You can replace milk with ice cubes or water. Many people also prefer nut milk or coconut milk instead. Though preferably, people should avoid milk as much as possible in such cases. Whereas sugar should be avoided mostly, as a last resort, sugar can be replaced with honey if needed.

What Should The Smoothie Have?

When adding smoothies to your diet, it is preferred to avoid store-bought smoothies. Store-bought smoothies have hidden calories and sugar inside them. Whether refined sugar or fat-free, they all contain sugar or fat of some kind. Homemade smoothies are the best option for weight loss and glowing skin. You can control what your smoothie will contain and what nutrients it will provide.

All you need to do for homemade smoothies is make sure fruits with ice cubes and water and add a little salt to give it the final touch. Not only do the homemade smoothies show results sooner, but they will also make your hunger stay away for longer.

Besides your protein, vitamins, and mineral, a smoothie should most definitely have an antioxidant. A common antioxidant such as vitamin C helps digestion, curbs appetite for weight loss, and gives a natural glow to the skin. Similarly, carrots for vitamin a are very important in your diet. Fruits that are too sweet should be avoided as much as possible.

Smoothies For Weight Loss And Glowing Skin

1. Pumpkin Smoothie


This pumpkin-containing smoothie has more than enough enzymes and antioxidants foryourbody. They not only help in digestion but also work to give a healthy glow toyourskin. Pumpkin is a powerhouse for the nutrientsyourbody and skin need.

To make this smoothie, you must blend a cup of pure red pumpkin, half or full banana, and last but not least, ice cubes. To top it off, you can add a pinch of cinnamon, and after mixing all the ingredients, your smoothie is ready.

2. Gourd Vine Smoothie

There are various types of gourd vine available in the market. The most common is a bottle gourd. Not many people prefer bottle gourd in their smoothies as it tastes bitter. A bottle guard is the most powerful ingredient that you can add to a smoothie. A bottle gourd is helpful for glowing skin and weight loss and aids in digestion, lowering sugar, sleep disorders for heart-related issues, and even reducing stress.

In this smoothie, you need to add half a cup of bottle gourd, shredded, half a cup of cucumber chopped or shredded, and a teaspoon of lemon juice. You can also add ice cubes or chilled water, about one-fourth cup in this smoothie.

3. Greeny Smoothie


A green smoothie contains all the greatness of the leafy herbs, which cleanse your body of toxins and thus aid in reaching your goal. In this smoothie, you need to blend half avocado, a cup of spinach, and a scoop of protein powder. Along with that, you can also add one tablespoon of flaxseed and ice cubes or any nut milk or coconut milk.

4. Carrot Smoothie

Carrot not only gives you vitamin a for the skin but also for your eyes and body. It adds to maintaining a body balance and decreases stress from your body. It is one of the best, light, and easiest smoothies to make. To make this smoothie, you need to blend a cup of carrots, pineapple, strawberry, and half a cup of mangoes along with a tablespoon of flaxseed and preferably half a cup of nut milk.

5. Detox Smoothie


This smoothie will make your skin glow and help increase your body’s hemoglobin level while cleansing your body of toxins. This smoothie takes not only less amount to drink but to make it as well. To make this smoothie, you need to add amla, carrot, and half beetroot and mix them in a blender.


Smoothies are one of the most versatile and healthy breakfast options if you replace milk and sugar with other options. Taking it in the breakfast does not mean that you have already taken the required vitamins for the day, but you have fed your body what it needs first. With the help of the right one, you can lose weight and achieve smooth and flawless glowing skin.