Today, smoking is not cool, and many passionate nicotine users are trying to move to an alternative option, so they can decrease the risks of the usual tobacco usage. That’s the reason why vaping systems are so popular, especially pod vapes. But, what exactly is a pod vaping system? It’s any device that has a plastic pod for the e-liquids, that you can remove, and check if you have to refill. Some of them are even replaceable, and as you finish the one for single usage, you can put the next one. In general, pod vapes aren’t made for refilling, but surely there are some models that let you do that.

Also, they are small and suitable for your pocket or purse. People love them because they are easy to store, clean, and use in general, and that’s why they are taking over the usual vaping devices. You only have to make sure it’s always charged, and that you have enough pods, without having to worry if you bought a liquid or not. Another good thing is that the initial releases of vaping devices were big, but the pod systems are small and discrete, and they cause smaller clouds as you smoke them. The best thing, on the other hand, is that your clothes will never again reek of smoke and fire, and you can feel comfortable knowing that the aroma is pleasant, and won’t cause anyone to cough.

With the rapid increase in popularity, online one-stop vape shops have popped up like the Dollar E-Juice Club.

Here are some reasons why vaping pods are better than every similar device, and why people really love them:

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1. More satisfying feeling

First, their design can be very elegant, and they don’t look like robotic devices that release steam all around. If you want to find the best ones on the market, you can read more about the best pod vapes and find the kit you prefer. Also, you can be sure that the nicotine salt liquids that are used here are much better than the usual ones, and they won’t cause irritation or a sandy feeling in your throat. So, if you are bored of your traditional device, you can move to this new generation type, that moves vaping to a whole new level. Another nice thing is that salt liquids can have higher levels of nicotine, for passionate smokers, that still have the same smooth feeling in the mouth.

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2. They are discreet

Those who already moved to vape are really bored by the questions related to their habits. Almost every person will instantly ask something when they see you smoking something different than the usual tobacco, and answering those questions can be exhausting. But, the pod vapes are smaller, elegant, and discreet, and their battery is more durable, so you won’t have to bring your charger all the time. If you are bored explaining why you moved to vape, then smaller devices are a good choice for you, and you can still enjoy, without having to explain why you do that. You might want to also check out Cold Turkey Vape Shop. To help you decide, visit their website to learn more about their available devices

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3. They are more affordable

If you are a passionate smoker, then you know that vaping is not much cheaper than traditional tobacco, and that the cost of the liquids at the end of the month can be pretty much the same as the cigarettes. So, claims that you will save money are usually wrong. But, that’s not the way with the pods, because they are really made to be a more affordable option than the usual vapors. These devices use smaller amounts of liquid, and it doesn’t burn as quickly as the everyday vape juices. No matter if you are using a refillable or replaceable pod, the cost is not comparable to the traditional smoking expenses.

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4. Smooth feeling

As we already said, these liquids are made of nicotine salts, that provide a pleasant feeling in your mouth and throat. Also, they cause smaller vape clouds, because they work at lower temperatures. The standard liquids that are high in nicotine can cause coughing, and at the same time, require more money to buy them. Refillable pods are a better option because they can handle up to 50 mg of nicotine, without causing any trouble because of the consumption. And, of course, you will get the same satisfaction as traditional tobacco.

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5. You can choose a stylish design

When it comes to vape, the usual devices aren’t that attractive, and they look like small machines with a lot of components that you have to assemble together, so you can enjoy smoking. But, the pod mods are designed to be stylish, small, and elegant, and you can take them with you in your pocket, or even hold them in your hand, without filling the room with clouds of vaping steam.

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6. Smaller e-liquid consumption

After everything we described in the previous paragraphs, you can conclude that the consumption of vaping liquids is smaller compared to the older types of vapors. We also already mentioned the fact that these devices don’t release huge vape clouds, which means you are using a smaller amount of liquid while you smoke. So, we can say that you throw less money in the air because you will see that you spend less on your smoking habits even after a few weeks.

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7. You will smoke smartly and more conveniently

Every tobacco product comes with a risk, so we can’t say that vaping is a healthy option for smokers. On the other hand, it’s less risky, but every consumer should be very careful and use it smartly. It’s simple and easy to use, and you won’t spend much time cleaning and refilling. It requires a portion of attention and regular maintenance, but according to most of the current users, it’s totally worth it. Moving to pod mods is a great way to still enjoy nicotine products, but cause less damage to your general health condition, even though, as we said, it’s not completely safe and brings some risks with it.

No matter what you choose, our recommendation is to play it smartly, and be careful, because tobacco-like products are not a joke, and they bring a lot of responsibilities for the consumers. If you want a vaping device that you can use in privacy just about anywhere, a pod system is almost definitely what you need. You can get yours from online retail shops like this website.