The concept of gambling is much older than a majority of people believe it is. We can find it in some ancient texts and pieces of art. We can all agree with the fact that games used back then are not anywhere near those used today. The reason is quite simple, a lot of them ceased to exist when some modern, new ones have taken their place. The evolution of these can be traced in history.

Today, the situation is widely different than at any point in the past. These games have become much more accessible. Meaning, you can participate in any you are interested in if you have a solid internet connection. Not to mention that there are countless websites where you can access these quite easily. When you take a look at some reports, done by credible agencies, you will see that slots are the most prevalent games on these sites.

If you want to check out some of these, be sure to pay a visit to There are many rumors about slots being made only to benefit the house. However, we would say that this is not the truth. Instead, we believe that a vast majority of players are not aware of major factors that can indicate what they can expect from every particular game. One of the vital ones is variances.

Let’s see what these are, and what approach you should have with them.


Understanding the Variances

Before you are competent enough to play any of these, understanding the concept of variances is a must. The reason why they are so important is that they can determine the approach players can have. Meaning, it provides a crucial element in creating an approach that will lead to higher chances of winning at a game. One of the biggest misconceptions players have about this concept is that it is similar to RTP.

However, having an insight into all the details crucial for a proper understanding will change the opinion they have about these. For example, the best way to define variances is to say that they are indications about what sort of payout players can expect. RTP can be the same in games that have a different variance. For this reason, knowing the answer to this question is crucial.

How Are They Calculated?

If you take a look at some specialized forums, you will see that one question pops up quite frequently. We are talking about people asking how are these calculated. While it may look like this is a tough request to reply to, it doesn’t have to be. The foundation for this calculation is always at a hundred spins. If the hit rate is higher than thirty percent, you are playing a high variance slot. If it remains around twenty it is a medium. Finally, it is lesser than twenty, you are participating in a low variance game.


Low Variance

First, let’s take a look at low variance. As you can see from its name, it offers lesser winnings from frequent chances. Meaning, those who play them can do it with having a tight budget. Basically, you will have more chances of getting something in return, but these returns will be lower than average. For that reason, many players out there believe that this sort of slot is the best for them. Some are bold enough to say that this is almost a sure shot.

You will certainly agree with the fact that winning even the smallest amounts beats not winning. While it is widely believed that these sorts of slots are the commonest out there, that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, we believe there are just enough of them for you to find one that fits your preferences the most. Many would say this is the most general type out there.

Explaining how this works is rather easy. Players need to make small bets at first and increase their bets along with the amount of money they have won during the session. Sure, some players are comfortable enough with continuing with this patient, careful approach. While many would say this is a waste of time and money, we don’t agree with this fact.


High Variance

Finding high variance slots is easy since they are the commonest out of all of them by far. Whenever you enter your preferred website, you will find them immediately. Also, being sure that you have opted for the right one is also an easy thing to do. One of the easiest manifestations of high variance slots is the game not having too many winning symbols. On average, there will be less than nine of those.

This means that the chances of winning will be smaller, due to the lack of opportunities. However, when you win it, you will win much more money than with medium or low variance. Besides, bonuses will not be as common. Still, they will provide you with much more. It needs to be said that having a higher bankroll is a must when playing these. We are aware this is not always a possibility, but it is a necessity when participating in these.

The reason is quite simple, it could be a lot of time before you have a chance to win something. Therefore, having enough funds until you score a winning combination will prevent you from losing all the money on your account. Wasting your whole bankroll would be something you would want to prevent, right? So, meet these standards before you are ready to proceed.



It’s obvious that many factors make the picture about making a proper decision on which online slots you will opt for. Without any doubt, understanding variances is vital. We cannot stress enough how important it is to consider it before playing. Here, you can find all there is to know about his element. Not only that, you will understand what is approach you should utilize. We are sure you will find all of these points useful.