There have been so many inventors in our history, but only a few of them became well-known of all time. Many new people are working on various new inventions, but not everyone becomes well recognized. In this article, we have shared a list containing some of the most productive inventors of all time.

1. Kia Silverbrook:

Since the time Silverbrook was born (1958), he has not stopped his journey of inventions. He has got many patents from various fields such as mechanical engineering, digital music synthesis, etc. He invented Memjet, a technology that offers colour printing with high speed. He first announced this technology in 2007, but it was so advanced that many people thought it was some fraud or hoax.

2. Nancy Johnson:


Nancy Johnson from Philadelphia in 1843 became one of the prominent individuals in history by securing and creating a design for a hand-worked ice cream maker. You will be amazed to know that it is even used nowadays. We don’t have the foggiest idea what more to say other than thank you to Nancy Johnson for aiding individuals wherever on hot days. If you want to learn more about her, check out InventHelp.

3. Archimedes:

If you are from an engineering background, then there is no chance that you haven’t heard about this great man. Archimedes is one of the biggest names since the 3rd century BC. However, we only know little details about his life. We gave all the credits to him for inventing the catapult, pulley, Archimedes screw, and the cog. His inventions have also played a significant role in fluid mechanics. We cannot imagine fluid mechanics without Archimedes principles.

4. Steve Jobs:


Steve Jobs was best recognized as the alluring fellow benefactor of Apple Inc. He presented the Apple II by working along with Steve Wozniak. Apple II is a well known mass-market PC that aided in another time of individualized computing. In the wake of being constrained out of the organization he established, Jobs returned in 1997 and collected the group of developers, designers, and specialists answerable for the momentous iPhone, iPad, and numerous different advancements.

5. James Dyson:

James Dyson is a well known British inventor who revolutionized the vacuum cleaning industry by inventing a Dual Cyclone. It is the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaning device. James, later on, developed the Dyson company, which mainly focused on household appliances.

Today his company has made many products, including a robotic vacuum cleaner, a hairdryer, and a bladeless fan. He also made a foundation where young people are invited to show their talent by presenting unique designs.

6. Herman Hollerith:


Another famous inventor is Herman Hollerith, who developed a punching card machine to perform calculations. He used electricity to count, read, and sort out the punched cards. You will be amazed to know that these machines were utilized in the census of the year 1890. It was only through this machine that the census calculation was possible; otherwise, it would have taken about ten years for such an extensive data calculation to perform manually.

7. Nikola Tesla:

Do not confuse Nikola Tesla with the owner of the famous electric car company, i.e. Tesla. However, he is the most significant inventor who has ever lived. He was always interested in fixing broken things and bringing new inventions to the table. All we can do is thank him for his developments in the field of alternating current, remote-controlled boats, modern electric motors, wireless communication, and radar technology. But he did not get any credits for his work when he was alive.

8. Leonardo Da Vinci:


Leonardo Da Vinci has always been an all-rounder. Not happy with being a Renaissance craftsman and a visionary researcher, he stands apart as one of history’s most splendid specialists.

Sometimes before they were plausible, he imagined the helicopter and the fighting tank. He concocted plans for mechanical weavers and water-powered saws. He also drew designs for robots and submarines. The rundown of his commitments to the universe of designing is unending.

9. Benjamin Franklin:

As a principal father, Benjamin Franklin was one individual who created America. In any case, the man currently hailed as the first scientist of America was likewise a printer, a lobbyist, a legislator and a negotiator—or more every one of them a regarded designer and architect. His heritage incorporates the lightning conductor, bifocal focal points, and, from specific perspectives, the main trials in nanoscience.

10. Tim Berners-Lee:


Tim Berners-Lee is a computer researcher and an English engineer. He is frequently credited with developing the World Wide Web, an organization that many people use to get to the web. He initially proposed a proposition for such a framework in 1989, yet it wasn’t until August 1991 that the leading site was distributed and on the web. The World Wide Web that Berners-Lee created involved the primary internet browser, server, and hypertext.

11. Grace Hopper:

Grace Hopper was born in the US, and in 1944, she and Howard Aiken invented a Harvard’s Mark I computer whose size is equal to a room. She also developed a compiler whose primary purpose is to translate a written language into a machine or computer coding. This is also known as a bug or debugging. If you look around yourself, you will know that there is no life without programming today.

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, our history is full of notable scientists and inventors, but only a few of them are recognized. If you are not aware of them, do not worry. Check out the above list of famous inventors and know more about them.