When looking for a personalized number plate for a vehicle, chances are that you have taken a look at some of the cars in your surroundings and saw how it’s done. We’ve sure that you have witnessed some of the most impressive ones, and some of the silliest ones. However, we can all agree that we are talking about the trend that swept the world pretty much by a surprise.

Surely, who wouldn’t like to have a registration number plate with his name on it, or with some other content that describes or points to something. At the same time, you’ve surely spotted a couple of different types of plates. We are not talking just about the design, but about the concept as a whole. We are talking about different concepts known as 2D, 3D, and 4D plates.

We can say that 3D has been around for almost a decade and that it managed to become one of the preferred types, especially when compared to 2D. But we can see that 4D has just entered the market and that their concept is slowly taking over. 4D has a slightly different concept than 3D, but it should be said that its differences are more than enough to mark a type of their own.

In case you are interested in taking a look at this type of registration, be sure to take a look at www.showplatesexpress.com. When you have a new product on the market, it’s perfectly normal to see that people have some uncertainties. We would like to discuss those a little bit. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

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1. Adding Another Slogan

One of the commonest misconceptions people have about 4Ds is they think that they can add some other slogan. Sadly, we can see that this is not legal. There are only a couple of things that can feature on the plate, like BSAU standard number, manufacturer’s details, and plate manufacturer details. So, besides the numbers and registration digits you’ve chosen, there isn’t anything that you are able to use on plates.

2. Tinted Number Plates

Different from many people’s opinion, who think that tinted number plates are free to use, we can see that this is not the case. They are not road legal. The reason being police and DVLA don’t allow it, and they classify this as the obstruction of the readability. We can see that there is a problem with the level of reflection. Plus, the reason for hard readability is that tinted plates often have a dark background. Therefore, we can see that a vast majority of manufacturers don’t offer this kind of plate.

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3. Reduced Plates

It’s not uncommon to see that some vehicles have shortened registration plates. Due to the fact that you’ve seen this version, it makes sense to presume that they are legal. However, the owner will be required to meet all the standards meaning that all the numbers need to be inappropriate proportions. We are talking about the spacing and the size of letters and numbers. Therefore, you can rest assured that these are completely legal. There is no need to worry.

4. Using Original Images

It goes without saying that there are some images on personalized registrations on every vehicle. Different from many people’s opinion, this image is not something they can choose on their own. Instead, these are mandatory. If you are in the UK, there are only a couple of these you can choose from. Furthermore, all of these can be a crest characteristic for this country, like Cross of Saint George and Cross of Saint Andrew. Sadly, you can only select from these, and anything besides them is not allowed.

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5. You Can Choose Your Own Font

It doesn’t matter what kind of plates you’ve chosen, there isn’t a possibility of changing the font. The font is decided by the institution responsible for handling these questions and there is nothing you can do about that. No variations are allowed. Pretty much every country has its standards when it comes to the size, font, and number of letters allowed. For violating these rules, you can be faced with consequences, mainly in the form of fees you will require to pay.

6. Front Number Plate is Not Mandatory

We can see that many people make the mistake by thinking that the front registration plate is not mandatory. However, we can see that this is, in fact, the case. We are fully aware that this is not something that helps the overall look of the vehicle and that your car would look much better without it, but it is what it is. As is the case with a plethora of different situations, when you violate this rule, you can be faced with some fees.

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7. The Question of Spacing

One of the most important questions when it comes to spacing, it should be said that standards need to be followed carefully. This means that all the spacing needs to be done according to standards. In case you have a plate that doesn’t fit all these obligations you can be faced with a fee. The reason is that they are not considered as road legal. We believe that this is not a good option in any way since people do it solely for, let’s say, the show it makes.

8. Alteration of the Position

Maybe you’ve seen that there is some registration tableware that is not positioned in the way you’ve used to see them. It should be said that this is completely against the regulation. Any change you impose on the position or the overall look for your personalized registration is illegal. As you can presume, there are some serious fees you can expect as a consequence. Therefore, you need to make sure that any kind of alteration hasn’t affected them if you want to avoid these.

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In Conclusion

Since 4D is a new product on the market, we can see that people still have many misconceptions about the whole concept, and what is legal and what’s not. Therefore, we’ve provided you with the most important things to know.