Whatever we do, we face a problem that needs to be solved. If you feel that you are not efficient enough in solving everyday problems, we are sure that you are confused and annoyed. Most people have the feeling that they are somewhere in the middle – between wanting to do something and pretending that nothing is happening. Don’t think you’re the only one.

Precisely because not a small number of people are in such a situation, we should all dedicate ourselves to improving our skills. The most important thing is to work on yourself. That is why it is important that we constantly practice problem-solving skills and improve them in that way.

This process involves dealing with problems due to systematic thinking, and this can be achieved with just a few steps. It’s not really hard to work on that. You need very little time for these activities. If you have no idea which activities would improve your problem-solving skills, read our tips below.

1. Dance to the solution

Source: Dance – LoveToKnow

You may not know it, but dancing has a very positive effect on the work of your neurons. The impact is actually so great that your brain can process the information that reaches it much faster and better after this activity. The overall result is the creation of neural pathways that will help you overcome blockages in the brain.

Dancing is a very fun activity and many take it lightly. However, ballet or some other dance is a significant stimulus for our brain. It helps us to find an appropriate solution to our problem or more solutions if it is a matter of divergent thinking. So, have fun while improving your thinking. Isn’t that great?

2. Smart games

Source: The Writing Cooperative

In front of you is another activity that serves as entertainment during free time. However, with the development of technology, this area has gained a much wider application. Serious companies make games whose performance far exceeds the old games, and VR has become commonplace. This should be understood as an opportunity to improve our problem-solving skills, because it is possible with games.

Thanks to the advanced options that you can find in games, you have the opportunity to exercise your brain in various ways. Each type of game stimulates our brain differently. For example, when it comes to the simplest games such as a logic puzzle or chess, you find the solution to the problem by going backwards. When you apply this strategy during a real problem, you achieve great results.

In addition to these games or some others such as puzzles, etc. you have the opportunity to improve on a daily basis. They require very little time and are quite fun. There are also more complicated games that we mentioned earlier, they are played a little longer, but they also have the power to practice a strategic way of thinking.

3. Get enough sleep

Source: The Statesman

As already mentioned, there are many ways to exercise, tactics and strategies to improve the brain. However, all this is in vain if our brain is tired. It simply cannot function as it normally does and so the information cannot be processed properly. Everything we do makes him even more tired and instead of progressing, we go backward.

So, the brain rests if we have enough sleep during the night. Do not replace sleep during the day with night sleep, it will never be the same. The REM phase is responsible for better brain function. It affects the improvement of the creative part of our brain. It stimulates him enough to be prepared to work with better networks and associations.

4. Exercise with music

Source: Superior-Papers.org

Many studies increasingly point to the importance of music as a very powerful stimulant during various activities. A lot of studies talk about better learning with music, greater concentration, better exercise… However, did you know what is the consequence of practicing with music? Improving verbal skills!

So, this is an ideal combination – by exercising to a perfect figure and even better cognitive abilities! Scientists have obtained results that are astonishing. Verbal abilities are twice as good with music and practice than without it.

5. Keep a diary

Source: Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC

When we say that you write a diary, we do not mean that you record every day what you did during the day, write secrets, etc. We are thinking of one similar thing, it is certainly a matter of recording thoughts, but those are more your ideas and innovations. Of course, write and experience is still the most important thing to learn.

Be imaginative and come up with the best way to write, it can also be sketches or collage. It can be in any form you imagine. This way you can come up with a solution to the problem by having access to your thoughts, ideas and it’s all sorted in one place.

This will make it easier for you to get an objective picture of the whole situation, and thus you already have a good approach to finding the answer. If you like to have a visual representation of everything, then start using flowcharts as well. This will give you a completely clear plan on how to solve the problems. If you never created a flowchart, find out at zenflowchart.com how to do that very easily.

6. Practice yoga

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Yoga, meditation and similar exercises help to establish spiritual peace. It is necessary to provide this state to your body and mind. Yoga in particular has proven to be a very powerful weapon in the fight against stress, and that’s because it represents a winning combination.

When we say that, we mean the combination of consciousness, breathing and meditation that you do during this kind of exercise. All this together contributes to better results from cognitive tests. This means that your reaction is significantly accelerated, you achieve great accuracy and increase attention.

7. Use mind maps

Source: Thunderhead Works

If you have already tried a diary or once made a sketch of your problem, try the same only in your head. You need to try to do everything you would do on paper with your mind. This is how mind maps are created, that is, a visual presentation of a problem and finding a potential solution to that problem. This achieves better brain stimulation, focus and increases the capacity of a creative approach to thinking.


Problematic situations are usually always different and that is exactly the problem to take action, because you have not encountered it before. However, whether they involve an urgent response or you have more time to think, do not procrastinate.

Every action is better than endless thinking that leads to nothing but giving up. So, get started and use our tips with which you can significantly improve your abilities. Don’t back down and you will surely succeed!