Most of the fitness world is well aware of the continuous workout trends that keep arising each day on various social media platforms and websites. All of these trends have a different set of exercises and diet in them and thus also have their own unique physical benefits such as an increased core, larger chest, larger back or more abs.

One of the most recent workout trends has taken Tiktok and various other social media platforms by the storm. That workout is known as the famous one-punch man work routine of an anime protagonist called Saitama from an anime called One Punch Man. If you are interested in knowing more about the one-punch man workout, read more about it here.

However, another trend that has started rising in popularity in the fitness world is the weekly workout challenges. These challenges, as their name suggests, each last for one week and give the challenge takers a various set of exercises to do that is normally quite difficult for average people to do.

These weekly workout challenges are an extremely creative way to test how much strength you have and how far your workout progress has been. If you too are excited to try out one of these weekly workout challenges but don’t know if they will actually improve your health or not, don’t worry because we have you covered.

In this article we will be going through several tips to tell you how to improve your health with weekly workout challenges. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Start small and gradually increase your workout levels


Most workout routines aren’t given in a short period of time and are often spanned out over the course of several months with each exercise set having its own time and day. In a weekly workout challenge, most of your exercises are crammed into a week which means that the challenges often have multiple sets of exercises for each day.

While doing these exercises might be easy on the first day, doing a rigorous exercise routine multiple times every day for a week can take an extremely adverse toll on your body and cause more harm than benefit. We strongly recommend that even if you opt for a weekly challenge, make sure it is well balanced and designed for your body.

That way your first few exercise days while doing the challenge would be much easier and give your body ample time to prepare for an increased amount of exercise routine in the upcoming days. The end result will be that your body will have a considerable amount of extra health benefits from the weekly workout challenge.

Track your progress daily


Even though the workout challenge only spans over a week, it shouldn’t change your ability to track your progress. In fact, keeping a daily track of your progress during the challenge will allow you to know which workouts are working the best and which are not, if you are overexercising or if you are underexercising.

Ultimately, this leads you to execute the workout challenge with the exercises that are best for you done in sets that suit your body the most. This way you can get maximum benefits from your weekly workout challenge each day until you arrive at the end of the challenge. Not only that, but your daily progress will serve as an indicator of your dedication and resolve and motivate you to try harder the next day.

All this can only be possible if you keep the daily progress of your workout sessions each day and how they are affecting your body. If you aren’t in the habit of doing so, we strongly recommend that you get yourself into it and teach yourself the habit as it will be really helpful to you even after the challenge ends.

Schedule your workouts daily


Even before you start doing the important tasks of the day, take out 15 minutes of time and plan out your workout routine for the day. The thing with weekly workout challenges is that each day has a different set of workouts and thus takes different amounts of energy as well as time.

If you do a normal workout routine for Monday morning and, expecting the routine to be the same, you wake up on Tuesday morning to do the same workout routine at the same time, you may be greeted with an unpleasant surprise that the actual workout routine is much longer than the previous one.

This is an extremely common occurrence in people attempting the weekly workout challenges and it can hamper their workout progress dramatically. That is why we strongly recommend that you schedule your workouts daily in the early morning or before sleeping by planning for the next day. Only a thorough and strict schedule can let you avail the immense health benefits that come with these weekly workout challenges.

Don’t overexert yourself


Weekly workout challenges are called “challenges” for a reason. Most of them are extremely intense and put heavy pressure on your major muscle groups for faster and quicker results. However, because of this they are also mostly recommended for people experienced in fitness and gym exercising.

The good news is that even if an individual doesn’t go to the gym regularly or does, but is still a beginner when it comes to bodybuilding, there are lite versions of these challenges that can be easily done by these individuals. These lite versions offer the same health benefits as the main versions of the weekly workout challenges, albeit with a much lesser intensity.

The main takeaway from this is that you should know your limits when exercising and not go beyond them to ensure that you don’t put your body under extreme distress. This will be extremely counterintuitive to the challenge’s main goal – to encourage individuals to get into the habit of exercising again and help them enjoy the various benefits that come with workouts.


There are several ways through which weekly workout challenges can help you improve your health considerably. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.