Many people who already use CBD oil know about its health benefits. The oil helps fight insomnia, relieve inflammation and pain, quench anxiety, soothe headaches, and much more. For the uninitiated, though, the question of where & how to buy CBD oil is hard to answer.

The reason hemp CBD oil is so popular is that it has many benefits along with some that are yet to be discovered. In contrast, prescription drugs could have many long-term side effects. So, how do you decide where to buy the best quality CBD oil?


Where Do You Generally Find CBD Oil for Sale?

Like other popular supplements, you can buy CBD oil from online or in local stores. On local stores, it might be very hard to find quality CBD oils that you must need for getting the full benefits. Even if you find a store, it is probably a smoke shop with a limited inventory of CBD products. The owner is only looking for quick-sale items to add to their stock.

The downside is that they may not have premium oils, which are the most potent. Sometimes, a store might sell these high-potent CBD liquids, which can be unsuitable for beginners. If you don’t find a local store, you can go online. The Internet has numerous online stores selling the best and high-quality CBD oil at a reasonable price.  And according to shopping for CBD oil online affords you the time and space to thoroughly research both the brand and the product while also learning how you can best use CBD oil to help advance your wellness goals.

Beginners Guide on Buying CBD Oil

When shopping for CBD oil, look for the source of hemp used to make the oil. Where the hemp came from can give you information about other things like whether it was grown organically. You can also know about the likelihood of having contaminants such as fertilizers and heavy metals. The following is a checklist you should use when buying CBD oil.

  1. Look for a certificate of analysis. A COA will tell you about the chemicals found in the product. It is advisable to avoid companies without COAs. A COA contains information about the type and quantity of cannabinoids, a heavy metal analysis, and pesticide analysis.
  2. Look for a third-party lab test. Companies that mention third-party tests are more likely to have quality oil.
  3. Is the oil organic? If the CBD oil is organic, it will not have synthetic chemicals such as pesticides. Therefore, it will be safer to use.
  4. Does the oil contain gluten or other allergens? You do not have to worry about allergens if you use a tincture. However, if it is an ingestible oil, you should find if it contains allergens.
  5. Strength. Beginners should start with less concentrated oil. More potent oils might cause more pronounced side effects.

Types of CBD Oil

The first category of CBD oil is narrow-spectrum, also known as isolate. It is a highly distilled mixture of hemp oil mixed with pure CBD. The distillation process removes other cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes extracted together. This type of hemp oil has a smooth consistency and is mild.

The second category is broad-spectrum. It is double-distilled and retains more compounds from the plant except for THC. This oil has more terpenes and flavonoids hence presenting a richer flavor. It causes the ‘entourage effect,’ which means that CBD oil works better when accompanied by other substances.

The final and the most popular type of CBD oil is full-spectrum. It contains more essential oils and at higher concentrations than broad-spectrum ones. This oil has some THC which may or may not be legal in some states. This is why you must follow a proper guide for buying full-spectrum CBD oil. Cause those who are buying this liquid must ensure that the oil is legal in their destination when they plan to travel and have the correct amount of THC that is considered legal under federal law.

Before buying premium CBD drops from any company, ensure that you have checked the company out. You can look at reviews of the website and its products from third parties to get an objective opinion of the company.

Always be wary of products that seem too cheap. If a bottle of CBD oil is priced well below $30 for a month’s supply, it might not be of good quality.

Should you Buy CBD Oil from Local Stores?

You may find brick-and-mortar stores in your area that keeps a stock of CBD oil. There are several reasons for and against buying from these stores. Let’s start with the benefits.



  • Convenience. A local store is handy if you want CBD quickly. You can walk in and come out with your CBD product within minutes. If you choose to buy from online stores, delivery might take hours or days to complete.
  • Ease of comparison. If the store has several CBD products, you can hold them side-by-side and compare them before choosing.


  • Limited variety. If your local store is not a specialty store, it may not have many CBD brands. You may therefore have no choice but to buy an unfamiliar brand of CBD oil. The worst-case scenario is failing to find an appropriate strength.
  • Price. Due to the higher costs of operating physical stores, brick-and-mortar stores have to sell at higher prices than online stores. CBD oil from the local store might be more expensive than the ones available online.

Buying CBD Oil from Online Store

Today you can easily buy CBD oil from many online stores. Buying online has some unique advantages. These are some of the benefits.

  • Lots of variety. There are numerous brands of CBD oils in online stores compared to local stores. The good thing about buying online is that you can get products from many producers at one location.
  • Value for money. When you buy CBD oil online, you buy it cheaper than at local stores. Furthermore, if you are a frequent buyer at an online store, you may get additional discounts. Online stores are therefore ideal if you are looking to save money. You can also buy premium oils at affordable prices.
  • Convenience. While offline stores give you the convenience of instant delivery, online stores are convenient differently. The question of where & how to buy CBD oil is easy to answer if you are willing to go online. You only need a phone or computer to buy CBD from an online store. What’s more, the store delivers your CBD products to your doorstep.
  • Privacy. The Farm Bill legalized hemp CBD oil in 2018. However, many taboos still exist about it because of its association with cannabis. Consequently, if you want to buy CBD oil and maintain privacy, you must shop online.
  • Save time. When you shop online, you spend less time traveling to a store and moving from shelf to shelf in the store. Websites allow you to filter products by price, manufacturer, strength, and other criteria, with the click of a button. There is also no queue at checkout compared to physical stores.


  • Longer delivery times.

Why Buy CBD Oil Anyway?

CBD Oil improves many health conditions including:


With the massive number of CBD oil products out there, you may get confused finding a store. The information covered here will help you decide where & how to buy this liquid. But overall, the best place to buy quality oil is online.