Love changes a person completely. Pessimists become optimists, fat people become thin, smart people become stupid. True love makes you shine and makes you beautiful, both internally and externally. But what else does true love give us, and most importantly, where do we meet our love?


Love brings happiness

Love puts people in a state of euphoria. The joy hormones produced during a period of intense love make us feel happy and special. Love for a person becomes the very impulse through which we begin to feel love for the whole world. The feeling of fullness and harmony in life overwhelms us so much that we want to share our joy with others. In a state of love, even the smallest detail of the world around us begins to seem interesting and worthy of attention.

It changes us beyond recognition. Thanks to it, you can feel that unique state of mind, when you feel the real harmony with the universe. When you love, the pleasure hormone dopamine, similar to that produced by gamblers and drug addicts, is released into the bloodstream, resulting in a state of sustained emotional excitement.

Love has a positive effect on intelligence

It is said that a person in love is a stupid person. In fact, they are not. The so-called stupidity of people in love is actually their superior intelligence. After all, people who love think with their heart, and it, unlike the head, always sees more deeply and is more genuine. Thanks to numerous observations, scientists have found that the feeling of love activates creativity in people. That is why, when we are in love, we want to sing songs and write poems. It makes the areas of the human brain responsible for memory and attention work harder, so that we always remember the best times of our lives in such minute detail.


Love makes us beautiful

When you are in love, the hormone adrenaline is actively produced in your body, causing increased blood flow to your skin. This makes you look fresh, ruddy and healthy. It also makes us smile more often, and a person who smiles a lot and often cannot, by definition, be ugly.

Love is healing

Love quite often encourages people to give up bad habits. For the sake of the person they love, people often give up smoking, exercise and eat right. Sometimes people change their lives for the sake of love. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that married couples are less prone to cardiovascular disease than singles. Not to mention the fact that regular lovemaking helps to get rid of excess energy in time, and the body does not suffer from excess or lack of energy.


Love makes us trust

It produces the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for feelings of trust, closeness and affection. This hormone is specially stimulated during labour in order to make the uterus contract. Thanks to the same hormone a mother is willing to do anything for her baby. The same behavioural traits can also be observed during the acute phase of falling in love.

Where can I meet my love?

Finding a soul mate is not easy: some people try to arrange their personal life with the help of friends and relatives, while others look for a soul mate on dating websites.

And yet, today most people prefer online dating sites. The Internet greatly expands your circle of potential acquaintances, you are not limited by geographical or social boundaries in your search for a soul mate. By the way, the more people you “meet”, the better you learn to understand what you really expect from your future partner and possible relationship.

In real life, there is no way we can avoid taking a first look at each other when we meet. On the Internet, photos catch our eye. On different dating websites, photos can be optional or a requirement. The more serious the resource, the stricter the moderation conditions for publishing images. This allows you to make sure that the profile of the person you are interested in is a picture of him or her. That is, you will definitely see his face, the picture will really be of him and not a fake.  The greater the better, because it’s your safety.

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A dating site with an intuitive interface, a large age group, advanced search, and most importantly, a responsible approach by the moderators to the storage of personal data. You can be sure of the reliability of the site and other people’s profiles.

In addition, it should be noted that if you treat online dating with understanding of all its negative and positive aspects, know the features, pitfalls and difficulties of online communication, you can really find a friend, like-minded people and a soul mate on the internet. After that, it’s up to you and your matchmaker.

The whole modern world lives by the motto “Find your soulmate. Think about those words”. So it turns out that without a certain, predetermined soulmate, we cannot open up and be considered complete? Sounds very romantic. But a little cruel. Just imagine: what if you’ve met the perfect person, but they’re not really a part of you at all? What if your soulmate lives on the other side of the world? Fate would have to be a very tricky thing to come up with such a complicated scenario to restore your integrity with someone from another continent. What if things don’t go according to the plot and you never meet him?

But don’t think that love is blind and that it will never see you. Just don’t see it as the only possible attempt at becoming a whole person. If you haven’t met your ideal partner yet, don’t despair and don’t neglect dating sites, because they are the ones that will help you find your love even in other countries!