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Going to a gym is the best way to keep your body in shape. It is not uncommon that these places are always crowded at that level that you have to wait to use machines and weights. Also, a lot of people are paying attention to their style because they will meet a lot of people in the gym. However, you should focus on the proper working out plan, not on your outfit. Therefore, choose only suitable clothes for physical activities, like shirts and sweatpants that you can find on Born Tough.

We are aware that you want to look more attractive all the time, but wearing clothes that is not suitable for working out can significantly decrease your performance. In that matter, you should choose proper shirts and pants that provide you with a good appearance, while your working-out abilities remain the same. Here are some common mistakes related to the selection of clothes in the gym.

1. Wearing Cotton

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While cotton might be much more comfortable in most situations, you should know that this material will absorb your sweat to that level that you are going to leave traces of water all around you during intense workouts. It can be annoying when you finally reach to practice on some machine, bench press, or dumbbells, but they are all covered with sweat from the previous person. In that matter, you should choose materials that are not so good at absorbing water, such as polyester. That is the main reason why professional players are wearing them in the first place. Moreover, these materials will also help you to dry faster, sweat less, and have slightly better performances.

2. Working Out in Slippers

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Besides proper clothing, you should pay attention to footwear as well. Training in proper sneakers will help you to have a better balance and improved comfort. It is a common mistake among many people that slippers are better because it can get warm for your feet when you are wearing sneakers. In some cases, proper sneakers might help you to avoid incidents, like losing balance while lifting or injure your feet if some weights fall on them. When it comes to the treadmill, you could slip over and injure yourself. Also, running will be much more comfortable in suitable shoes. Therefore, invest in high-quality sportswear for the best performances.

3. Wearing Accessories

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When it comes to accessories, it is advisable to wear a smart bracelet or smartwatch and use them to analyze your results, but you should avoid common types of jewelry in this place. Therefore, leave your necklaces, bracelets, and rings in the locker room or at home when you are going to practice. The reason why you should avoid wearing any of these is that you can harm yourself. For example, your necklace could attach to some machines and cause serious injuries. On the other hand, there is also a chance to break some of your jewelry.

4. Clothes That is Too Tight

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We can notice that many people are wearing tight t-shirts in the gyms because it creates a focus on their muscles. However, you should know that wearing clothes that is too tight could decrease your abilities or even cause issues with the bloodstream. Therefore, don’t think about modern and well-designed clothes when you are training. Instead of that, wear the outfit that will provide you with maximum comfort during intense workouts. You can notice that your clothes are too tight if you have issues with some parts of your training, like deadlifting or squats.

5. Applying Perfume Before Session

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Most people are making the same mistake and apply a lot of perfume or deodorant before their training sessions. However, you should be aware that the ambient in the gym will get quite annoying if there is a big group of people that are all wearing some perfume because the flavors will mix up and create a bad odor all around you. It is natural for every gym to smell the sweat, and you shouldn’t worry about that while you are training. You can bring deodorant with you and apply it if you are not going to take a shower in the gym after you finish your session.

Other Important Things for Beginners

Besides wearing proper clothes, you should also avoid chatting with people too much during the sessions. Gyms represent an excellent place to meet new people and socialize more. However, you can chat with people after you finish the training, not during it. That is another common mistake that a lot of people are making and not realizing how bad it is affecting their development and efficiency. You should only take short breaks between various types of training that are supposed to last less than a minute. Therefore, talking to other people can increase that breaks and, in the end, you will stay in the gym for a much longer time, but the efficiency will be much lower. You can avoid small talks with other people by wearing headphones. Also, there is plenty of music that might motivate you to enjoy more during training and improve your abilities.

Furthermore, you should make a proper fitness plan according to your weight and abilities. The best way is to hire a professional fitness instructor to make you a good training and nutrition plan. A healthy diet and consistency in training are the best ways for improvement. People with a lack of physical abilities and overweight are often struggling to see the first results from workouts. However, you should be patient, and the motivation will improve after the first visible results.

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Last Words

Going to the gym a few times over a week can be entertaining if you are enjoying lifting weights. However, you should focus only on gaining more strength and shaping your body, not on socializing, wearing trendy clothes, and more. The most important thing about shirts and sweatpants is that you keep them clean. Hygiene is very important for your skin, and sweat deposits might cause irritation and dryness.