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Since the beginning of this epidemic, the world’s economy has plummeted significantly, but one industry doesn’t show any signs of weaknesses. That is right, we are talking about our global gambling industry that keeps flourishing despite anything. Maybe if a small asteroid would hit this planet Earth, some of the world’s gambling revenue would decrease a little bit. That is how solid this industry is and even though it is a proven moneymaker, some countries still forbid organized gambling. With all these new technologies we have today, gambling is becoming more convenient than ever and it continues to flourish worldwide.

When Everything Goes Viral

There is no adult person who never entered one online casino or hasn’t placed even the smallest bet on one slot spin. Thousands of new games on set higher standards every day when it comes to design, gameplay, or mobile portability. All the best Canadian online casinos are superbly designed, offer impeccable banking services and customer support. It is all brought down to a science and every aspect regarding this business is taken to perfection while new ideas for upgrade are always in development. Only one thing can make it more viral than it already is, and that is worldwide legalization that is currently underway.

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A little background on the first gambling clubs

The first gambling houses appeared in the Roman Empire. Their birth is attributed to the last Roman emperor Tarquinius the Proud, who was known for his cruelty. He came up with the idea to gather all the players in one place to make it easier to collect taxes from them. It was also easier to keep order. The Roman authorities built a great circus, where gambling and dice were done. The public spent their days and nights at the Great Circus.

Tarquinius’ idea almost two thousand years later was developed by another famous Italian, Cardinal Giulio Mazarini, who opened a casino in Paris in 1765. The reason that prompted the high-ranking churchman to turn to gambling was the same as that of Tarquinius: he needed something to fill the treasury, which Louis XIV and his minions had inspired and inventively emptied. In addition to the gambling known at the time, there was an innovation in the casino – the “wheel of fortune”. That was the name of the roulette in those days. Its invention is attributed to a famous French scientist, philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. He, however, did not intend to create a device for gambling, and invented the device for research in the field of probability theory. But the scientist had friends, succeeded not so much in science as in commerce, and they are very profitable took advantage of the fruit of his mind.

The success of roulette was incredible. It quickly became more than just a game. It was a fashion, a way of life, a style of behavior. The fashion for casinos spread instantly. Gambling houses began to appear in almost every country in Europe.

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Gambling in America

In the United States, the development of gambling was also very active. In the thirties of the 20th century, in order to cover the budget deficit, Nevada was allowed to legalize gambling establishments.

Las Vegas turned out to be the most promising in this plan. Thanks to the close location of the power plant it was possible to establish the infrastructure of the city. Secret investments of Mafia structures turned Vegas into an entertainment and gambling industry. Gamblers and other guests could stay in posh hotels, dine in restaurants, and hold conferences and exhibitions. In the ’70s, the authorities imposed the lowest income tax and mandated the construction of a highway from California.The main mass of visitors to Vegas are Americans who travel by their own transport or use public transportation services. Over 43 million people a year visit the gaming zone.

By the end of the 20th century it was safe to open almost any kind of gambling business in the United States. The only exceptions were Hawaii and Utah. The most popular casinos today in the United States are in Nevada, Carlon City, and New Jersey. The beginning of this century was marked by the crisis, which had its impact on the gambling business as well. Savings on entertainment led to a loss of investment. Gambling establishments suffered losses.

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Money Leaves A Long Trail In History

Organized casino-like gambling probably thrived around the time of the French Revolution since so much cash was accumulated in those pockets of rich aristocrats. This cash had to be spent somewhere and art, clothes, and fine wines can only cover some desired items. Games like roulette or simple lottery preoccupied all eager minds of Europeans and these novelties were successfully exported to our New World. Whole cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City are a testament to this cultural heritage. Only the invention such as our Internet could make gambling spreads even more and deeper into every corner of this planet.

With the advent of the internet, online casinos have become increasingly popular, offering players the convenience of playing from the comfort of their own homes. The variety of games available at online casinos is vast, and the potential for large winnings is even greater. One of the top online casinos is WinsPark Casino, which offers players a fun and engaging gaming experience with a wide range of games to choose from.

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Made In China, Not Funny Any More

Believe it or not, gambling is illegal in most great Asian countries that are home to more than a third of our world’s population. The moment when China and other nations decide to completely legalize all gambling activities, things are going to change rapidly. That competition will become fierce once new Chinese gambling conglomerates took over this market. It is a piece of excellent news for players worldwide, as they can expect bigger bonuses, awesome benefits, and the highest level of customization known to man. Be sure that good times are coming for our gambling community.

New games, new markets, new opportunities. That is the summary regarding today’s global gambling syndicate. Technology can only make things better when it comes to gaming so new iPhones or laptop devices will only enhance our future gaming experience. Perhaps virtual reality will take things to another level so players can visit Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casinos from the comfort of their living room. Just like we said, the future of gambling looks bright.