A fire watch guard service is used to protect a property from fire. They do this by monitoring the area, helping people evacuate, and keeping an eye on equipment.

There are many risks that can be present in an office, from deteriorating wiring to trash bins full of combustible materials and overheating equipment. Professional fireguards can help you identify and categorize all of these substances immediately to reduce the fire risk.

Fires are one of the most dangerous threats that can happen to businesses and warehouses. They can cause a large amount of damage and may lead to loss of life and monetary losses if not dealt with promptly.

For this reason, it is essential for every business to be fully protected from fire hazards. This can be done by hiring a security guard that provides fire watch services. These professionals are experts in identifying fire hazards and will be on hand to mitigate them in the event that they arise.


They Help People Evacuate

A fire watch guard service protects a property from fire, which can ruin a building or cause severe damage to the premises. Besides, these services also assist businesses in identifying fire hazards and ensuring their safety.

Fires are a serious problem that can disrupt production, destroy a company, and put lives at risk. This is why having a reliable fire alarm system and professional fire watch guard support are essential.

These fire watch guards are trained to identify fire hazards, call the local fire department, and ensure people’s evacuation. They are also tasked with keeping logs of their patrol rounds, which can help them make accurate decisions in the future.

In addition to protecting buildings and securing the premises, these guards can help you save money in the long run by alerting the fire department immediately and avoiding fines. They can even supervise construction workers performing hot work and ensure they do so safely.


They Keep an Eye on the Equipment

A fire watch guard service keeps an eye on the equipment at a property that is threatened with fire. This includes checking all fire extinguishers, water supplies, and other safety equipment.

They also ensure that all entrances and exits are clear of any obstructions or hazards that might prevent people from safely evacuating. This helps minimize both human and monetary losses in the event of a fire.

Depending on the severity of the threat, fire watch patrols will make rounds at specified intervals until the danger is mitigated. They are also responsible for reporting to the fire department if they see any immediate issues.

These services are often needed during times when the business’s fire prevention sprinkler system is down or inoperable. They are also useful in the event of a natural disaster that causes power outages or other issues.


They Report to the Fire Department

A fire watch guard service reports to the fire department when a property is threatened with fire. They are trained to help ensure the safety of people and property in case of a fire.

They monitor the area, help people evacuate, and keep an eye on equipment. They also monitor the area for other potential hazards, such as deteriorating wiring or flammable materials in trash bins.

When they’re on duty, they patrol the property at specified intervals and maintain a log of their activities. These records provide important data for future adjustments or upgrades to a company’s fire system.

They can also be useful when a fire alarm, sprinkler system, or fire panel is down for maintenance or other reasons. They can be used as a layer of protection for businesses that need to continue operating while the systems are down.

Protecting Your Property During the Impaired Conditions of Your Fire System

It is important for any property to have a constant and fully functioning fire detection system, including alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and water supplies. However, despite the best efforts of your security team, these systems can sometimes go down or malfunction.

These systems can prevent many disasters from occurring, but there are some circumstances where this can not be the case. In these cases, a fire watch guard service is required to provide protection while the system is being repaired or replaced.


Thorough and Timely Patrols

The main objective of a fire watch guard is to monitor the premises on a regular basis. This is done through thorough and timely patrols.

During these patrols, they will check all exits and fire extinguishers. They will also keep an eye out for any suspicious items that could spark a fire.

They will then conduct a full inspection of your premises and assess the level of risk. They will then look for ways that they can help to improve it if the risk is too high or reduce it if it is low.

For example, if you have a barbeque grill that is being used for socializing and is left with a lump of coal in it, this can easily ignite and start a fire that will result in heavy monetary loss.

It is very common for construction sites to have a fire watch guard to ensure that the work is being carried out safely and that no accidents or mishaps are occurring. This is especially true if there are any hot working processes being conducted, such as welding or cutting operations.

These guards will have the necessary fire extinguishing equipment and the knowledge and experience to use them effectively. They will also be trained to sound the alarm in the event of a fire.

Basic Responsibilities

In addition to the basic responsibilities of a fire watch guard, they will also perform patrols around the premises at specific intervals. These patrols will be recorded and shared with insurance providers and local code enforcement to ensure that fire hazards are identified and addressed in the future.

In the event that a fire is detected, a fire watch guard will immediately call for emergency assistance to evacuate occupants of the building. Depending on the type of event being held, this can also include evacuations of nearby buildings.