Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to let your employees know you care about them. They can be small things like a mug or pen, or they can be something bigger like a terracotta planter or a set of Carson blue light glasses. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s unique and that it reflects your company’s personality. To view some options, check Snappy.

Jigsaw puzzles

If you are looking for employee appreciation gifts, consider giving jigsaw puzzles. These gifts are great for both employees and their families. They are a fun, low-stress way to learn and bond, and they can be used at any time.

Whether you are looking for employee appreciation gifts for your staff or you want to surprise your boss with a jigsaw puzzle for your birthday, there are plenty of options. Find one that suits your budget and your employees’ interests.

Jigsaw puzzles come in many sizes. Some are suitable for kids, while others are more suited for adults. For example, there are puzzles with 1,000 pieces or even more. You can find puzzles for children as young as two. To keep the pieces from falling, make sure the puzzle is kept out of reach.

Puzzles also give your employees something to do during breaks. This helps them stay focused, and they can learn new concepts and have fun while doing so.

For an extra special touch, you can order custom jigsaw puzzles. You can design the puzzle around a specific theme or include a photo.

Many people enjoy the thrill of fitting the pieces together. You can do this by yourself, with a partner, or in a group. But if you have the time, why not get a puzzle subscription? That way, you have a new puzzle every month. Plus, you can save money by only paying for the one you need.

There are a variety of puzzles to choose from, and they are all made with precision. Most are printed on FSC-certified paper. The company also uses Droplet Technology to create a premium matte effect.

Books are great gifts

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One of the most effective ways to show employees that you appreciate them is to give them books as employee appreciation gifts. The right gift can help create a special moment in your employees’ lives, and it won’t cost much money.

There are several types of books you can choose to send to your staff members. It’s important to find out what topics your employees enjoy reading about. They may want to learn more about a subject related to their work, or a topic in general.

Some companies choose to send a book club as a gift. This can be a fun way for employees to bond and learn about different subjects.

Another great idea is to send a book as a way to introduce your new employees to your company. When you have new people joining your team, it’s a good idea to let them know how much you appreciate their work.

You can also give them a notebook or a branded book. These gifts will help new employees get a feel for your company’s culture and values. Plus, they make a great end-of-year gift.

You can also send flowers or plants as a gesture of gratitude. Studies have shown that plants reduce stress and increase productivity. A plant on your desk will also brighten up your workspace.

If you’re interested in giving a book, you can search online to find gift certificates. Amazon has a nice selection of books to choose from, and many online bookstores offer free shipping.

Gift cards are another popular choice for employee appreciation gifts. Choose a company that offers discounts on all sorts of products and experiences.

Terracotta Planters

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If you’re looking for employee appreciation gifts that your staff will be delighted to receive, terracotta planters can make a nice gift. This material has a timeless, earthen look that complements any home. It’s also practical.

A terracotta pot can be used for succulents, cacti, or kitchen herbs. They are often lined with coconut growing substance, which allows them to self-water. Some have drainage holes, but these should be cleaned regularly.

Terracotta pots come in a variety of colors, but most are neutral hues that can be combined with any style of home. In addition to their practicality, they’re eco-friendly.

The best way to clean your terracotta pot is to use a foam brush and a bit of yogurt. Dip the brush into the yogurt, and then coat the pot. Use a light, brushing motion to achieve different textures. Once the pot is dry, it should be left in a shaded area for a month to dry completely.

Another easy way to maintain terracotta pots is to remove any moss that has accumulated on the bottom. Moss promotes growth, so it’s important to keep it out of the soil. Also, be sure to break it into small pieces, so the plant won’t be forced to compete for water.

Finally, if you want a more dramatic effect, you can paint the top of the pot with a mixture of buttermilk and moss. Run the mixture through the moss, and it’ll help to encourage moss to grow. Alternatively, you can just soak the pot in water for fifteen minutes. That’s enough time for it to start developing a natural patina.

Whether you’re looking for a gift that your employees will appreciate or you’re looking for a unique terracotta planter, SERRV has just what you need.

Branded Swag

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Branded employee appreciation gifts are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. These gifts can be used to celebrate special occasions, or they can be given out to new hires.

Gifts don’t have to be oversized and flashy, as long as you choose something that the recipient will actually use. You can also use them as rewards throughout the year. This can help build a strong relationship between the company and its employees.

One of the best options for employee appreciation gifts is to give out items that are both practical and useful. This can include branded coolers, bags, and water bottles. A reusable bottle is a great gift because it shows that the company cares about its environment.

Another option for a branded employee appreciation gift is a t-shirt. You can get them custom-printed with your company’s logo. For an extra touch, you can personalize them with a handwritten note.

Food gifts are another popular choice. Everyone loves sweet treats, but you want to be careful about what foods are suitable for your recipients. If you’re unsure about what types of foods will be appropriate, you can purchase a box of luxury chocolates that are presented in a beautiful branded box.

Drinks and snacks are also common employee appreciation gifts. Some companies offer a box of branded drinks that includes a cocktail shaker. Or you could even hold a cocktail making workshop. Guests can enjoy this activity by themselves or they can participate with other coworkers.

Books are another great employee appreciation gift. This can be a gift of learning, or it can be a book on a topic that the employee is interested in.

Carson Blue Light Glasses

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Blue light glasses are a must for any modern office worker. For most of us, we spend a good part of our day hunched over our computers or tablets. But a lot of the time we don’t get any real benefit from all the screen time. It can be tiring and contribute to a variety of health conditions, from headaches to eye strain. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to combat blue light.

The best way to do this is to give your employees blue light glasses as employee appreciation gifts. You can do this by making a branded glasses novelty, or you can get them shipped to your remote employees directly. As an added bonus, they will be proudly displaying your company logo. Providing blue light glasses is a small price to pay for happy, productive staff.

One of the best places to find blue light glasses is iPromo. This online promotional service allows you to choose the best colors for your custom blue light glasses, and have them delivered to your office or home. iPromo also offers custom engraving and pantone matching options, making it an ideal choice for your company. Moreover, you can be sure that the products you choose are up to par.

Aside from blue light glasses, iPromo also provides a range of other promotional items such as pens and USBs. In fact, it has a dedicated team of marketing and customer relations experts who are more than happy to help you with your employee rewards program. They can make your company name and logo stand out from the crowd.

The best thing about iPromo is that you can purchase these blingtastic glasses in bulk. So whether you’re buying a few for the office or a few hundred for your employees’ gifts list, iPromo has you covered.