You have probably read so much different information about soy, that you are no longer sure what is true. It became very popular, especially with vegans and vegetarians. Tofu, soy milk and all other products that were supposed to replace foods of animal origin were made from it. The primary reason is that it contains a lot of protein and it cannot be denied that it is nutritious. For this reason, it was one of the main foodstuffs thousands of years ago. Yet there are more and more respectable studies proving that this plant is not at all healthy for human consumption and can lead to various diseases. What is also a problem is that it is very difficult to avoid, because it can be found in various foods and we don’t even know. That is why it is important to read food label. What will happen when you eliminate this plant from your diet and many other things related to it, read below.

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About soy

The reason why more and more people talk about the harmfulness of this plant is that it has a similar effect on the body as estrogen. And of course hormones are not something to play with and only doctors can prescribe us to take hormones. Estrogen affects both men and women, only in different ways. In men who have consumed soy, certain phenomena such as man boobs and a decrease in testosterone have been observed. Menstrual disorders have occurred in women as well as many other things. Also without prior processing in the form of fermentation, soy is not suitable for human consumption, which is also used as an argument by opponents of the consumption of this plant. It also contains certain enzyme blockers. Why it is so common is, above all, cheap production. That is why we can find it in various types of junk food.

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What happens when you can it from diet?

1. You will lose weight

Soy can be a hidden culprit why you can’t have the weight you want, even though you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Precisely because of its characteristics that are like estrogen, it can prevent you from losing weight. As you know, women naturally have a higher percentage of fat, and the reason is high level of estrogen. So whether you are male or female, the extra estrogen we ingest will cause even harder fat removal, especially on the breasts/chest and abdomen. It also affects the retention of water. So when you eliminate it from your diet, you can expect to lose weight and achieve the desired look. Also look out for protein powders which are very popular and can contain this plant as well. The same is the case with meal replacement shakes. That’s why experts from Latest fuels researched the market for you and found the best soy free products.

2. You will reduce your intake of GMO foods

There is no other plant that is genetically modified in such a percentage as soy. Over 90 percent of soy is GMO, and we all know that the effects of GMOs on humans are still the subject of much research. While this further lowers the price of soy and makes it even easier to grow, it is by no means good for you. Various chemicals are also useful to preserve it, and several of them have been shown to be carcinogenic. So if you stop eating soy and everything that contains it, you will reduce your intake of GMO foods and various herbicides. In particular, you should avoid it while research on the harmfulness of GMOs is still ongoing. It will only be known in the coming decades whether this is something fantastic for humanity or potentially deadly.

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3. You will reduce allergy problems

All people who have an allergy to something, know how uncomfortable it is and how much it bothers them in everyday life. Many people experience allergies right after consuming soy. The reasons are different. Although it does not bother people who have gluten intolerance, because it does not contain it, it still causes other problems. Many children develop allergies to soy from an early age, because baby formula often contains soy. That is why you should choose a formula that does contain it. Also, if you have a birch pollen allergy, soy can cause it, although at first glance they have nothing to do with each other. But the body can similarly recognize soy and pollen and trigger allergic reaction. Itchy throat is the most common symptom.

4. Solving the problem of mineral deficiency

Phytic acid is found in soybeans, as in all other legumes, but here in the highest concentration. This acid can act as an inhibitor of minerals and proteins and lead to mineral deficiency. If you eliminate it from your diet, you will restore the balance of minerals. And we all know how important minerals are for the functioning of our organism. For example, zinc is most important for a strong immune system, sexual functions, as a cure for depression and many other functions. Magnesium is healthy for the heart and so on.


5. You will get rid of bloating and digestive problems

Although it is an excellent source of protein, it also contains various enzymes that make it difficult to digest protein. It is for this reason that you can have a lot of digestive problems as a result of high soy intake. It also causes bloating because it contains a lot of fiber, so the combined difficulty of digesting protein and a lot of fiber can cause you serious problems. As soon as you get rid of everything that contains soy, you will notice significant positive changes in the work of the digestive tract and you won’t feel bloated all the time.


Food is our fuel and so we have to be careful what we eat. We know that it is easiest and tastiest to eat everything that is offered to us in fast food restaurants and all those delicious things that we can find on the supermarket shelf. But long-term consumption of such food will only harm us and therefore we must be careful what we eat. Let’s start by getting soy out of our diet.