Having started as a search engine, Yahoo grew into a large-scale multi-vector service with lots of useful tools. 3% of the global search market belongs to this system. Thus, there is no wonder that it is used throughout the world. High-security standards are one of the key criteria for the company.

Yahoo is a multi-direction brand that offers a set of tools and solutions for browsing the Web nowadays. Its portfolio includes:

  • a search engine for seeking all sorts of info, goods, and services;
  • an email;
  • dozens of web portals and apps for different kinds of activities.

Verification stands as an obligatory procedure when starting your experiences in the system. The process allows for avoiding scamming, decreasing the number of fake accounts, and improving user privacy. That is why every new client is asked to verify an account/profile/email upon registration. Phone number authentication is used here. Thus, users should specify their phone numbers to verify identities.

Here, the first obstacle arises. The modern Internet environment is characterized by frequent hacker attacks on renowned portals. Hacking website leads to:

  • datum leakage and reselling;
  • stalking and blackmailing;
  • harassment.

Users know about it and are not willing to provide their private data when registering on Yahoo services. Is there an alternative to entering real phone numbers? Fortunately, there are some. If you need a temporary phone number for Yahoo, you’ll find lots of appropriate solutions here. The platform offers virtual phones for bypassing registration, verification, and other types of activities on the Internet.

3 Ways to Get Online Phone


Now, let’s see how to create a Yahoo account fully securely and legally. People can use the following solutions:

1. Purchase a burner phone

This is a one-time solution. By buying and entering this phone, a confirmation code is sent to it. After verifying a profile, the number becomes invalid. The option is rather expensive.

2. Buy a temporary virtual phone

This solution implies getting a fake phone number that can be used for a wide range of functionalities, starting from account registration and authentication up to making international calls and holding business abroad.

3. Benefits of Online Phones

In comparison with a burner number, this option is more affordable since the price policy is more reasonable. The cost of an online number is lower than that of a burner phone.

Other features include an opportunity to buy an unlimited number of phones from different countries, keeping numbers when relocation, and using phones without possessing physical devices.

A fake online number allows registering on any Yahoo service, even if it is banned in some territories. This is another perk of the solution. Buying a virtual phone allows for getting access to all resources, regardless of regional restrictions.


To put it briefly, here is a list of the key advantages of virtual numbers:

  • unlimited opportunities for website visiting (regional bans), registration, and verification;
  • an opportunity to create multiple accounts (private and business ones);
  • a wide assortment of phones from various countries around the world;
  • keeping numbers with you when moving;
  • an affordable price policy;
  • new opportunities for both business and private life.

Buying an online phone will help to introduce businesses on new markets, increase monetization, and enlarge their worldwide presence. Users will be able to register on regional websites, contact citizens of other states, and enjoy services that are not available to foreigners.

Where to Find and How to Buy Virtual Numbers?


If you realize that you need an online phone, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Find a reputable provider

First of all, you need to select a service provider. Nowadays, users can find dozens of offers on the Internet. Many websites provide virtual number services. Thus, browse several of them and compare their conditions (the coverage of countries, price policies, other benefits, and terms). Select the most suitable one.

2. Register on the website

To buy a fake phone, you need to create an account by filling out a standard registration form. Here, make sure to enter real information.

3. Deposit a sum of money to pay for the number and subscription.

To calculate the required sum of money, decide for what period you need the number (a week, a month, or a year) and the phone of what country you want to connect. Then, go to the catalog and study the cost of the required solution. Make a deposit.

4. Fill out the purchase form

When money is credited to the account, fill out the form where it is required to specify the country, the phone number, and the period of use.

5. Confirm the purchase

Claim the number by confirming data correctness. After confirming the transaction, you can freely use the phone to verify accounts, register on Web resources, make calls, and do other activities.

Guide on How to Register a Yahoo Email


If you want to register a new email, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to create a Yahoo email account:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Find a “Sigh up” button in the upper right corner of the portal and click on it.
  3. Enter your first and last name.
  4. Create an email address.
  5. Create a password.
  6. Provide a fake phone number.
  7. Add your date of birth.
  8. Click on the “Continue” button.

Now, you actually have a Yahoo account. Yet, to activate it, you need to verify your identity. A verification text message will be sent to the specified number. When you receive it, enter it in a special field and confirm the step.

Yahoo is a popular online resource that embraces lots of services, tools, and solutions for convenient and enjoyable internet activities. The system is widely used around the world. Yet, it pays particular attention to data security and requires obligatory verification to protect users from hackers and scammers. However, many users do not trust online platforms and prefer to play it safe by specifying fake online numbers instead of real ones. Virtual phones are convenient solutions that allow for enjoying unlimited access to all Internet platforms, improving privacy, and tracking data security.