Real people and successful communication are essential for the success of any business. In the construction process, from the very beginning of the works until the end, communication is of vital importance. As Ron Nugent Milton contractor says, what really makes a team a functional team and therefore different from a regular group is the synergy and communication at the highest level. Good communication cannot be superfluous. You can find a variety of good construction walkie talkies on

On the contrary, it can only improve the efficiency of team work and create a positive work climate. If the team has good communication, the skills of all team members increase, and as an end result we have a satisfied client.


The relationship between contractors and subcontractors must be of good quality in this regard. It is one of the links that distinguishes contractors in the competitive construction market. Good communication skills and a climate that opens up cooperation with contractors and subcontractors is something that gives the client confidence that his project will be successful. However, it is not always easy and does not depend only on the will of the people who are engaged. This period is very turbulent and full of temptations on the construction site. On the one hand, this is a very unstable period of rising prices and an unstable market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are huge tensions in trade and construction, and jobs are uncertain. On the other hand, there are problems of labor shortage, as well as lack of quality labor. There are fewer and fewer experienced workers, projects are suspended and communication is the first to suffer in this process.


All actors on the construction site enter with different expectations and goals related to the project. If deadlines are added to this, it is unlikely that complications will occur. That is why the timeliness and accuracy of information is crucial. That is why it is necessary for all participants to have a good communication channel and to have meetings often. These meetings should be commonplace. However, it happens that they are often unstructured and that there was no transfer of information. Regular meetings should be attended by everyone: from architects to contractors and subcontractors. This way you are sure that the right information has been passed on to the right person as soon as possible. If it is still a big project and it is impossible to hold the meeting in this way, then it is necessary for representatives of different groups to attend. When the information reaches them, they are obliged to pass it on to the final hired workers as soon as possible.

As we said, the flow of information is crucial, especially when it comes to contractors and subcontractors. In this way, they adapt to the given situation, look for new solutions to any problem and simply shorten the time. Subcontractors are obliged to inform the contractors as soon as possible about the problems and obstacles, while it is equally important that the contractors inform the subcontractors about the changes in a timely manner.


In order to deepen and speed up the communication process, in addition to classic mobile phones and walkie-talkies, new technologies and applications have entered the scene. Online tools for cooperation in construction can enable all steps on the construction site to be followed at any time. Thus the contractor can always know which task has been completed by the subcontractor. There are also work planners that monitor not only the completed jobs, but through them you can do an analysis of the completed ones. Reconcile all this with your schedule and the information will be there in no time. Also, on such applications, you can monitor whether someone is late for work or whether a worker is particularly overworked. Instead of contractors waiting for information to be passed on to them, this way they have everything in one place. The chance of breaking the deadlines is very small, and at the same time they have an insight into the behavior and conflicts on the construction site if they occur.

New technologies and ideas work in step with saving time and greater work efficiency. Even before the concrete beginnings of the project, there is a web platform that can make the process of searching for subcontractors easier for you.


This way you save time, money and nerves. You have everything in one place, the database is full, you just choose what suits you. Although everything is done online, communication is important here as well, so any negotiation and all communication between contractors and subcontractors will be preserved. Great way to start good communication and collaboration. Subcontractors can look at each other’s previous performance, finances, costs, equipment, safety, comparative projects they are working on, the conditions of weaving and many other details. They are both here for the same reason: to find stability and a quality relationship while working on the project.

The method of communication, ie the choice of communication channels is of great importance for business success. Especially if it’s a big project. You should always choose the shortest possible communication channels. The method we will use must be adapted to everyone and confirmed by everyone. We cannot send an email with information about the urgency of a building action, waiting for it to be read. In the same way, we can not only communicate the details of the project or certain plans orally, but a written trace is also required. So each method of communication has its advantages and disadvantages. It is only important to be sure that the information will arrive on time. The method of communication on one project must be standardized, with prior agreement. If you opt for verbal communication, there are two rules that you should follow. The first, listen carefully, and the second one is be clear and concise when speaking. So while the interlocutor is speaking, think about the words addressed and stop your thinking of wandering around the construction site. Also, avoid slang or overly technical expressions during your speech, to make sure that everyone understands you well.


Whenever there is disorganization and chaos on the construction site, there is only one thing: bad communication! Ineffective communication cannot be the responsibility of just one person, because communication is itself an exchange of information between two or more people. All participants in communication should ensure and define clear and precise use of communication channels, but also mandatory feedback. Without feedback the communication circle is not complete and it loses its meaning.