Is it better to get a prebuilt gaming PC or build your own? Is a pre-built PC worth it? Should I build my gaming rig and assemble PCs myself?

These are just a handful of questions that gamers new to PC gaming wonder about before they start gaming. Sometimes without the right answers, they go ahead with either buying a pre-built PC or assembling their gaming PC.

More often than not, they do not enjoy their gaming experience. This article is here to help you decide whether you should buy your gaming PC or build it yourself and to find more about this one and what suits you better.

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Why Should You Buy Your Gaming Pc?

Is a pre-built PC worth it? Well, the advantage of purchasing a gaming PC is similar to getting the finished product over any self-installed one. You can guarantee it’ll be perfect for Drift Hunters, and other popular games right away.

One significant benefit of buying over assembling your PC is in getting exactly what you paid for. This reduces or removes issues of incompatible components glitching.

Besides, buying from a company gets you access to their customer support in case you encounter issues. Replacing a faulty part or component of a pre-built PC is easier because you buy the exact part from the company’s website.

In addition to all of this, buying a gaming PC is best if you don’t have the time or the patience to enjoy building to your taste. Even though it may cost you relatively more to buy than build your gaming rig.

More Reasons You Should Buy A Pre-built Gaming PC

  • Most gamers prefer a gaming rig set up in one room in their home. Others may prefer a portable approach to gaming. If you’re like that, then you should consider getting a gaming laptop as it can’t be built.
  • An already built gaming PC that comes with a warranty will cover all the components of the PC. This is more convenient than having to contact different companies of the different gaming components when you have an issue.
  • The chances that you’ll encounter serious issues with a pre-built gaming PC are considerably lower than when you build your gaming PC. And if you don’t have the patience, this is one reason you should buy your own gaming PC.
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Why Should You Build Your Gaming PC?

One of the more popular choices gamers have, when they want to start gaming on a PC, is in building their gaming PC.

Opting to assemble PCs yourself with the help of a PC Konfigurator means individually choosing, buying, and then assembling the different components of your gaming PC. Which involves lots of research on parts and peripherals and lots of cleaning, unpacking, and testing.

But this option is most likely considered by experienced gamers and buyers who know what peripherals to look for. In building your own gaming PC you get to choose the set-up that fits your budget best. There are options for a budget gaming PC, a mid-range gaming PC, and if you have the money, a high-end PC.

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More Reasons You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

These are some of the more reasons you may consider building your own gaming PC by yourself:

  • One reason gamers choose to build their own gaming PC is that they get to re-use existing parts. Storage and power supply parts can be added to a new gaming PC once you decide to update or upgrade your gaming PC.
  • Building a gaming PC is an art. There is the thrill and pride that you get when you build a gaming PC yourself. So if you appreciate the art of building something from the scratch, then consider building your gaming PC.
  • When you buy a pre-built gaming PC, the parts and peripherals are not custom-made. But if you should build your own gaming PC, you have the freedom to pick out your gaming peripherals and parts.

From the gaming mouse to the CPU to the power supply even down to the chassis, you decide the model and make.

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How A Pre-built Gaming PC Compares To A Gaming PC You Build

Some gamers and people in the PC gaming industry say that it costs less to build a gaming PC than buying a pre-built one.

Others say that a pre-built may get you a bad gaming experience and at more price. While this is not true in all cases and times, we’ll highlight how a pre-built gaming PC compares to a do-it-yourself gaming PC.

#1. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, a pre-built PC seems like the more convenient choice at first glance. Because it comes with already made, compatible components from the same source.

Gamers don’t have to bother about buying compatible parts.

On the other hand, not a lot of people will appreciate the thrill and pride of building your gaming PC from scratch. Some gamers may not find researching the compatibility of the CPU and motherboard convenient. Or the exact amount of power supply the gaming PC requires.

Although there are comprehensive guides on how to assemble gaming PCs, some might consider buying pre-built more convenient.

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#2. Price

Price is an important factor that gamers have to consider when building or buying a gaming PC. This is because different buyers work with different levels of budgets.

While some people consider building a gaming PC by themselves as a cheaper alternative to buying a pre-built one. Some others may prefer to buy a pre-built gaming PC with all the components already there.

Whether you are going for a budget gaming PC, a mid-range, or a high-end gaming PC. Current prices will determine if you’ll eventually buy a pre-built gaming PC or build one.

#3. Performance

Performance is another factor to consider when you choose between buying or building a gaming PC. Custom-built or do-it-yourself PCs will get you to the height of gaming performance and experience.

From the power supply to the operating system to the graphics processing unit (GPU), you get to choose components that improve your experience.

But recent pre-built PCs also offer solid performance, even as much as some custom-built PCs offer. But flexibility is an added incentive for custom-built PCs as you can always upgrade to play newer games.

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#4. Repairs and Warranties

In case of repairs, pre-built PC owners may find troubleshooting and repairs easier and convenient. If the pre-built gaming needs repairs, they can always take it to the place of sale to get it repaired.

This saves them time and the risk of complicating the issue by trial and error. However, with custom-built PCs, it is all about understanding the source, cause, and solution of the problem yourself.

This way can be both money-saving and time-saving because you get to do it yourself. But it may require lots of research and technical knowledge to pull it off.

In terms of warranties, a pre-built gaming PC comes with a warranty that covers all parts of the gaming system. On the other hand, when you assemble PCs or get a custom-built PC, you get warranties for the individual parts and components.


The major reason gamers choose to buy a pre-built gaming PC than to assemble PCs themselves is the time factor. If you don’t have the luxury of time, you may not appreciate the art of building your own gaming PC with PC Konfigurator.