“Why a website design process? Just give me such a beautiful website that does the job!” Stop for a moment. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and think about what you would like to see on a site like yours. Do not rush with answers. Think about it in depth. You enter the site, any site – what interests you? What attracts you? What speaks to you and makes you want to continue to browse the same site?

If you stretch a second thread between all the topics that will come up, most of them (and certainly the most appealing!) It will most likely be related to the site’s visuals. Visuality in the sense of what the site looks like and how the surfer interacts with the site. Website design talks about just that. The more interesting, smooth, and appealing this experience is, the more glorious it is! Here you can visit the best website developers.

Why is website design really important to me from a business standpoint?


Do you know that you come to visit a friend and the table looks familiar, and then you realize that it is the same table your parents have, and maybe your other friends as well? And that, in fact, everyone bought the same table in a large and famous chain? It may not be that bad, but honestly – does it feel a little cheap…?

Now imagine a very similar situation, but it is a certain image instead of a table. Instead of a house, we are talking about all the business websites from your field, and everyone uses the same image. Does that sound professional to you? It would not make you suspect that maybe, just maybe, there is no difference between business and business? Or are you a little dishonest? Creating a sense of reliability, professionalism, and differentiation in the market is where the role of a web designer comes in.

Designed websites are designed to make sure your site is unique. And not just different, but also suitable for your business in every possible way. This is a critical issue when it comes to user experience, or in other words – the feeling that the customer gets while browsing your site. Does he recognize the brand and its values, does he enjoy the site, finds what he needs, is he persuaded to make a deal with you? All of these are directly affected by the process of designing your website.

Building Designed Websites – A Smart Return on Investment

True, this is one of the customers’ biggest concerns, and rightly so. We live in an urgent business reality. But this is precisely also the reason why the tremendous benefits of designed websites should not be underestimated. Look at it through the following glasses:


What are the business results of a site like mine?

A standard website that is actually a duplicate of a template with minor changes is a much less impressive website, and therefore its business results will be less good. It is very difficult to achieve effective marketing results with a standard website. It only makes sense to expect that the less unique a site is, the less it speaks your business language, the less successful its business results will be.

Even worse, if the site conveys the wrong message – it may attract the wrong customers and produce quite a bit of work whose purpose will be a significant waste of time to address irrelevant customers. Therefore, the result of designing your website must convey the spirit and soul of your business. Professional web design knows how to create uniqueness for your site, and in the end, the end customer will respond emotionally positively to the final product.

How long is the site going to serve me?

This is one of the questions that most customers do not ask themselves. A professionally designed and built website can serve you for years. In contrast, a simple, slick website with a template design may prove unsatisfactory from a business point of view even within 1-2 years. In other words, if you want to build a new website in two more years and spend more time on the design, then actually spend a much higher amount than building a professional website in advance.


The difference between what I as a business want and what my customer wants

This is the least consideration when it comes to building websites. Most of the time, the business comes with certain expectations that align with what he would want his site to do but almost completely forgets to look at the marketing side – what the customer would want from the business. Different businesses can build amazing websites, but hardly in terms of usability for the customer. In such a situation, customers simply will not browse the site. It is important to understand that in the right web design process, we know how to identify what will attract and speak more to your clientele.

The website design process starts from the end result

To examine the design aspect of your website, it is important to consult with a web design company that knows the marketing field inside and out. Click here for information. Such a company will direct the process to the right questions, characterize the appropriate problems and solutions, and offer you a designed business website geared towards a real business result.

What is open source web design?

Why open source sites?


Website building platforms based on open source infrastructure are content management systems whose source code is available to those who use them.

In this working configuration, the webmaster can change the source code and adapt the site infrastructure to his needs.

In contrast, closed source web management platforms are closed systems. The webmaster is exposed only to their user interface and not to the source code behind the infrastructure on which they are built.

These systems are much less flexible to make adjustments and changes. Still, they offer quite a few other benefits to users.

The next article will present the advantages and disadvantages of website management on an open-source infrastructure. We will understand when it would be worthwhile for users to choose a closed system for managing the business’s website.