When you are a small business owner it is up to you to manage it all. You are in charge of sourcing, marketing, packaging, customer service, invoicing, accounting, and so much more. There are a huge number of tasks and things you need to get done as a small business owner and a lack of time to do it – or so you think.

There are many great tips and tricks that will help you stay on track and manage your time better as a small business owner so that you can get everything that you need to done.


How to Build a Better Schedule

One of the first things that every small business owner needs to do is to create a schedule for their day. If you don’t have a schedule you can forget to do important things, can have some tasks take too long so that more things get pushed back, and most of all it can simply feel overwhelming.

You will tweak and work with your schedule as you go, but for many a good place to start is to simply lay it down and block it out. The good news is that you don’t need to do this on ineffective paper anymore. Google calendar is a very powerful tool that lets you block out time so you can create an effective schedule that can be adapted and changed. If you don’t get through everything on one day you can simply move over what you missed so that you know it still has to be done.

This guide by Copper has outlined five great tips that will help you improve your google calendar time blocking efforts, including how to effectively create a great schedule to start with.

How to Reduce Procrastination

Having a great schedule that lets you actually see what steps you have to do next, without having to worry about the future or how it all connects can help you stay motivated and productive throughout the day – but you may still need to beat procrastination.


• How to Take Better Breaks

Breaks are key when it comes to beating procrastination and being more productive, as strange as it may seem. These breaks should be planned for in advance and you should never sit and scroll on your phone as much as you may want to. Instead, you will want to try to reset your body.

Put on some fun music, get away from your desk, drink some water, and make yourself a snack or even a meal. If you have enough time scheduled a short walk outside or even just a stretch can help increase your blood circulation and decrease stress.

The end goal? You are refueled, you will have given your mind a time to actually break away from work and just rest, and you can go back feeling better and refreshed.

• Don’t Multi-Task

Multi-tasking is stressful and it can take longer to do each task you are trying to juggle than if you just took on one task at a time. Not only that but multi-tasking sometimes cannot be done efficiently at all, particularly if you have to move locations or use different equipment.

An obvious example is for someone who sells products. Taking photos of the products with the same setup is going to be faster and more efficient than taking photos for one item, editing that photo, writing up the description and so on, and then posting it so that the listing is live.

Work with one priority at a time and have a clear set goal for yourself. You may not be able to get it all done in one day but if you can do so much work at a time you can stay on track and work more efficiently and productively when it is time.


How to Outsource

One of the biggest tools in any small business owner’s repertoire is the ability to outsource. Not only will you not have time to do absolutely everything (especially as you grow and see a larger volume of customers), you also won’t be great at everything. To succeed you need people on your side that know what they are doing and can do it well. The good news is that you don’t need to hire someone in-house to get those tasks done for you. Outsourcing to agencies can often mean getting the talent of multiple people for a low price.

When you first start, outsourcing can be simple. Have someone else set up your inventory system and website, and you can get up and running faster and more effectively. As you grow and you need more hands on deck you can then look into outsourcing your marketing needs, and so on.

When to Start Hiring a Team

You should only start to hire an in-house team when you can afford it. Once you can afford it, however, having an in-house team that know your business and your customers can be so important. Focus first on the creative roles that do best when highly customized. You don’t need someone in-house to go through your books and help you with your taxes, for example, so long as you keep good records. Having someone manage your marketing, however, can make a massive difference and help you build a unique brand image.


Take Note of Your Milestones

The best way to do amazing things is to keep focused on the next step. Looking back too often can mean running into an obstacle, while looking too far ahead can send you off in the wrong direction when twists and turns come your way. That being said taking note and celebrating milestones and how far your business has come is so important for your motivation.

If you ever feel like you haven’t come far, just look at where you started. By acknowledging the progress you have made so far you can stay motivated for the next step, and then the next.