Moving is a mind-blogging task but no matter how much you are stressed it is important to plan some time from your busy schedule to bid farewell to your closest friends before moving to another place. Good friends are hard to find. If you are blessed with the best friendship then you should value it and meet them in person to say goodbye to them. Read the below-given article to learn how to bid farewell to your loved ones.

Break the news to your pals as soon as possible:

When you are sure that you are going to move to another place, then the first thing you need to do is break the news to your friends. You may be thinking of telling them at the right moment but it can end up in procrastination and you might not have enough time left to spend it with the people you care about the most. The experts associated with state that the more time you take the more your mates may feel undervalued because they might think that they are the last people to hear about your moving decision. Therefore, don’t waste valuable time by procrastinating. Just contact your closest friends and tell them about the move as soon as possible.


Tell them in person about your moving decision:

Once you know that it is time to bid farewell to your loved ones, the next big question is that how you are going to say it? Saying goodbye to your buddies is the most difficult and emotional task in your moving checklist. To make things easier you might be thinking to say goodbye via social media or online chat but this is the most impersonal approach and your friends might feel offended with your choice. The best way to tell your closest ones about your moving decision is via face-to-face. This will show that they mean to you a lot and your gesture will be appreciated by them.

Set the appropriate tone for saying goodbye: A right tone is required to say goodbye to your closest people when moving to another place as it is your way of saying that will set the general mood. Don’t think that showing your excitement about moving can upset our friends. Rather your best pals will be supportive if they knew that you are happy with your move, that you want to advance your career or want to study your dream course, whatever the reason is for your move. However, you don’t want to sound too impatient as it might look like you are happy to move away from your friends. Therefore, choose your words and tone wisely. Tell them you will miss them.


Resolve all unsettled issues with your loved ones: You may be thinking that moving is a great opportunity to escape away from any unsettled issues. But you are wrong. Think it in this way that you might never be able to contact or meet your old friends due to some minor issue. Just meet your mates and make sure to not leave your pals with any emotional baggage. Talk to them and solve your unaddressed issues. By doing this you will feel peaceful and satisfied that you are not leaving any hard feelings behind.

Spend together some quality time: You will still have some time before moving to your new house. Make some efforts to spend this quality time with your mates. Nothing is comparable to doing something fun with your closest friends and creating new memories to cherish for your whole life. You can plan to spend long weekends with your friends. If there is not enough time then go and see a movie or any live music performance. You can also play your friend’s favorite sports or games together.

Organize a farewell party for your mates: The best way to bid farewell to your closest friends is to organize the actual farewell party. At first, you might think of the party as a time-consuming task when the moving checklist is full to the brim but think of it as an opportunity to see all your mates one last time before moving. After you are gone who knows when you will be able to come back and meet your buddies. This is the reason that it is essential to say goodbye to them. Just organize a small get-together. The party doesn’t have to be fancy. You can cook for your friends and get some refreshing drinks.


Do something special for your pals:

Everyone will be feeling emotional at the farewell party. Try to make the last goodbye exceptionally memorable and special for you as well as your friends. Organize some fun games you used to play with your friends in your childhood. You can take them down memory lane by asking your pals to share their favorite memories of the time you have spent together. Prepare a heart-touching farewell speech and address all your friends so that they know how much you value them and their friendship. Give them some special gifts which they can cherish for their entire life.

Promise them to be in touch after the move:

It is hardest to say goodbye to your best and loyal friends who stood with you through thin and thick. You and your friends may be thinking that long-distance friendship is difficult to keep alive but everything is possible with little effort. Luckily, due to innovations and social media, it is now much easier to be in touch with anyone regardless of the distance between two persons. When you meet your friends to say goodbye to them, just promise them to be in contact after you move to the other area. Give your mates your new address and ask them to visit your new house.


Bottom Line

Having the people who love you and care for you is a treasure. Saying goodbye to your support system is a bitter pill to swallow. But you have to be courageous and face your pals to tell them that you are soon moving to another place. The above-given guide will help you to bid farewell to your people.