A phrase we can often hear or read is that modern times bring modern solutions, and even though it is a phrase, there is much truth to it, as yes, definitely the latest tech achievements have improved and changed the way we look and do certain things. On the other hand, modern times also bring modern opportunities, especially in the domain of earning more money. Of course, the Internet has the main role here, as today, the vast majority of people couldn’t imagine their life without access to it, regardless of whether we are talking about work or free time.

The Internet has changed it all

Like with most things in life, there are some downsides and upsides, and the Internet is no exception, but we will all agree that it is great to have numerous opportunities to make money. Yes, regardless of whether you are looking for a full or part-time job or just as a way to earn some extra bucks, being online and present is probably the best and easiest way to achieve this goal. Social networks are also of vast importance here, as influencers have millions of followers and earn quite much. Of course, this is highly connected with marketing, as companies pay these famous people to advertise their brand.


The expansion of Esports

Furthermore, we have Esports, and even though it’s still a relatively new industry, it is also probably the one with the highest growth, as some of the highest-paid players have a much better annual salary than a regular pro footballer, for example. Gaming is a part of our lives, and we all love and have at least one favorite video game. Now, while video games are a great way to kill a few hours and have a great time, there is also a way to earn from them, and no, we are not talking about becoming a pro gamer, as we are more focused on streaming them. Yes, by streaming games on YT, you can grow the audience, get a bunch of subscribers to your channel, and earn from it all. All of this leads us to yet another question regarding which game to pick for that, as the offer really is vast, which is something we will try to help you with by browsing through some of the most popular ones, so let’s start.

1. Fortnite


Fortnite is a game that owes its popularity to many different players who streamed it on YouTube and increased it that way. Thanks to them, it has millions of views, and it was one of the most popular games on this platform a few years ago. The best thing for the players is that it can be played on various platforms, and thanks to many fans, starting a channel is a great way to become popular, as many of them are happy to see new places and new videos. Fortnite has many variations, but the main point of the game is to survive different fights and team up with other players in order to do that.

2. League of Legends


This online battle arena video game has been with us for some time since it was made back in 2009, and thanks to great features and graphics, it is still popular nowadays. League of Legends is an e-sport with many fans from all over the world, and its World Championship is one of the most seen ones of all time when it comes to e-sports. It is a strategy game, and playing it requires some skills, which means that it is not that easy to become an expert. The point is to choose the team made of five champions and try to beat the opponent team by destroying its base. If you are good at it, streaming it to YouTube can be a great way to attract an audience, and thanks to its world popularity, the time of day for streaming is not an important factor.

3. Pokemon Sword and Shield


The 90’s kids are more than familiar with Pokemons and are more than happy to know that these interesting creatures are still popular even among Millenials. The game changed from the times when we used to play it on our Game Boys, but the main point is still the same – to catch different Pokemons and win arenas. We can find many new Pokemons in Sword and Shield version, but older fans will be happy to know that there are many Legendaries they are used to. Thanks to the big army of fans of all ages, streaming this game is always a good idea, and it is impossible not to attract the audience if you are doing everything right.

4. Hades


Lovers of Greek mythology are more than thrilled with the Hades game, in which they follow the adventure of Zagreus, who is trying to get to Olympus. The problem is his father, Hades, who forces him to stay in Underworld, so it is not that easy to escape the god of death. Since it is played from the first player, it is pretty amazing, and thanks to great graphics, the players and the viewers have the opportunity to enjoy an astonishing fantasy world. Although it is a game with the Greek mythology theme, it is not reserved only for its fans because of various challenges that the main character needs to pass. It makes it perfect for streaming, and it can attract many people to our channel.

To Summarize

After going through this list, it should get much clearer and easier to pick the best game to stream on YT, as it is a perfect mix of some relatively new and a little older ones. In the end, even though some games might seem interesting to stream and to offer as a product, it’s always better to stick with those that are highly popular and played across the globe. By doing so, even though there is no guarantee in this business, it surely is more likely to get more viewers and grow a much bigger audience this way. Of course, if you want to find out more about this or wanna check how pro streamers do it, just click here.