When it comes to outsourcing we all know by now that it has many advantages. Some are practical others financial but all in all, outsourcing is proving to be a good practice for businesses all around.

Most businesses think that not everything can be outsourced but that is a huge misconception. The real example of what we are talking about is the article we have prepared for today. The outsourcing of cybersecurity monitoring was thought to be something in-house and something that people within a certain company or a business should keep a close eye on. We will write about this and prove that this is something that, next to project outsourcing, is another simple and convenient thing to do.

The reason why this is so a simple and desirable thing to do is mainly because these tasks are grown to be rather complex and big and they are not financial nor economically justified. These are just some of the reasons why businesses go this route and there are more that we are going to talk about right now, but before that, if you want to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of hiring cyber security consultant, you can also contact an expert from Clearnetwork.



Like any outsourced job, this one as well as one huge benefit and it is the financial one. If you decide to have a cyber security team in-house you will need to provide constant education, constant upgrades and all other costs related to their day-to-day operations. Since the breaches in almost all businesses have been increasing over the years you need to consider a team that is big enough to service and watch over your business all day every day. This is something that costs a lot and does not scale well in-house. The solution is to outsource this to a company that scales well with the market demands and that can provide their service any time of day.

Predictable expenses

Another great thing, and another financial thing, is that with these services you can predict a budget and plan accordingly. Services provided by companies outside of your business will have a fixed price on the service and you can make a deal with them on a monthly, yearly or any other period and plan your budget and expenses based on that. Whatever happens, that is out of the contract arrangement is not your concern but theirs and they are obligated to provide the service you have agreed on. This is where your predictable expense comes from.



When it comes to service coverage and monitoring, having an in-house team dealing with cyber security is doable but you need to understand that expenses and the amount of manpower needed to have 24/7 and year-round coverage will cost money and will mean more people on board. When you outsource this to a well-known company that deals with only this you don’t need to worry about additional expenses, or hiring people, they will do all that and they will be the ones that can provide that needed all-day, every-day coverage thanks to the talent they attract almost daily.

Focus on other things

Outsourcing any job, including this one allows you to focus on other things and move forward and upgrade your business more. If you outsource to a company that deals with this and that has years of experience, you get a free ride and a piece of mind in these things. You are not looking to discover the wheel again, you are being protected and secured from the get-go by the company that has credentials, history and much-needed experience.


The early bird catches the worm

When it comes to this job and its outsourcing you need to understand that companies that do this for a long period know everything upfront. Whenever there is a new piece of software rolling out these guys are the first to know about it, its flaws, and loop-holes and as the threats emerge be sure that these companies are the first ones that will know how to deal with threats and stop them before you even know about them. This is experience and protection that is good to pay for.


Anything you do in your business has some regulations and legal implications. Be sure that this part of your business has some as well and they are very serious. The company that will work for you on this task will make sure they have all of the legal things, all of the paperwork, All law changes and addendums in order and they will make sure they comply with all of them. They will worry about things like GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2 and others and they will make sure that they can and will satisfy these regulations to be able to, well basically work.


Tech changes and implementation

Besides the fact that the providers of these services are tied to the software developers and they know in advance what no one else knows, they are also the ones that follow, religiously, new tech changes and the best and more cost-efficient way to implement them. From things like AI to new tools and tasks that can make our lives a lot easier you can rest assured that the service you have outsourced will return to be worth every penny you invested in. imagine that all of these things have to be done in-house and that you need to have several different teams that work together on these things. It will be rather confusing, slow and costly above all.

As you can see we listed some of the most obvious things here, besides many others, that speak positively and affirmative for the outsourcing of cyber security monitoring. It is a thing you need to pay for but in the grand scheme of things you really get what you paid for and probably more.

Big businesses that strive for perfection and a constant upper hand on the competitors are already outsourcing these and a bunch of other services to countries and people that can do it better, easier and more professionally. This is what sets them apart and what makes them forward to seeing people that are constantly on top of things.