Sports betting may be a hobby for some, but it is a solemn activity for many people. You can make a profession out of it if you are proficient with your skills. Of course, betting is not an activity that necessarily requires skill – it is more of a lucky chance that you may get or not. However, what marks the pros from the amateurs is that professional bettors know betting isn’t simply picking your favorite team and betting on it.

Professionally wagering bettors plan and strategize long before the game they want to bet on begins. It includes looking at the best sport to bet on statistically, analyzing the metrics, and more. Betting requires hours of studying all the factors that will give you the best odds. It is where Rebecca Martin’s expertise comes into play.

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What Is the Best Sport to Bet on? Some Statistics


Choosing the right sport to bet on remains a dream for bettors. No ‘right’ sport will give you guaranteed winning odds. Our biases and prejudices will always affect our decisions, so it is vital to look at how the market operates and what sports are in play with bookies.

Legalized booking is seeing a current spike in the virtual sphere. Now that more and more sports bookies are coming up, it is noteworthy to know what sports might be in your favor and how you can increase your chances of winning. Of course, it shows that conducting some research before you choose a sport will undoubtedly give you an upper hand.

Even if you are not a sports fan, it helps to know the basics about the sport, game, or match. It will increase your chances of profiting off of your bets. Informed bets show a better chance of defeating the bookie, overpowering the odds, and winning money over uninformed bets.

For example, did you know that the most popular people bet on is football? Yes, you read that right! Many bettors, especially novices, believe that football is the way to go, and for the most part, they are right. Therefore, bettors, especially in the United States, choose football as the best sport to bet on statistically.

The Easiest Sport for Betting: A Full List

Rebecca Martin has compiled a list of the top four perfect for your bets. If you have been wondering what is the best sport to bet on, keep reading below to know the pros and cons of each sport for betting purposes.


• Football

As mentioned above, bettors tend to favour football over other blatantly. As the number one bet worldwide, the NFL and college football take the crown. In 2015, the American Gaming Association estimated that $93 billion would be wagered on professional and college football in that very year. The legalization of the markets has effectively increased that number drastically.

In fact, 2020 revealed that CFB underdogs won over favorites, winning 50.3% of the time. You will find many chances to make big money in college football.

• Basketball

Are you looking for the best sport to bet on statistically in the US? After football, basketball is the game of choice. As one of the most lucrative sports, the timing of your betting needs to be just right. It is crucial to note some key tips of the game. Rebecca Martin recommends choosing the underdogs at the beginning of a season, be it the NBA or college games such as the March Madness tournament. You can make a switch to the favorites in the postseason phase. Even if you face losses, you have 1230 football games to make some money.


• Baseball

Baseball is one of the few games that allows bettors to make informed bets. As a data-driven league, study the season’s statistics instead of simply making guesses or predictions. Bettors can analyze stats from a pitcher’s walks, hits per inning pitched  (WHIP), etc., to better understand how well they keep runners off the bases. Furthermore, you can also examine the wins above replacement (WAR) statistics to decide how much overall succeeding value each player has on a roster.

• Soccer

As the most famous sport in the world, it is one of the most profitable arenas for bettors. Sports bookies tend to keep this open to international markets, thereby allowing a greater number of players to invest their time and money in this game. The availability of multiple markets is a major factor that draws in bettors who consider it the safest sport for placing bets. Moreover, the extra benefits of betting on a tie and internationally around the year make the game extremely popular.

The Best Way to Find a Profitable Sport to Bet on and Win


As we have mentioned, finding a sport that will guarantee a win is like walking right into El Dorado. It simply doesn’t exist. Instead, you can see the advantages of one over the other and bet based on the size of the returns you can expect. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the top four sports we have discussed previously.



  • Winners are usually the predicted favorites
  • Easy to gain working knowledge and acquaintance with the game
  • Multiple betting markets


  • Seasonal



  • Fantastic in-game betting markets
  • Multiple betting markets
  • Regular matches allow for easy access to the history of games and team performances


  • Live games are hard to come by



  • Lengthy seasons
  • Unambiguous betting choices


  • Requires considerable research and study of the game



  • Multiple betting markets
  • Games around the year
  • Sportsbooks offer competitive prices


  • Too many options may ruin the experience for some bettors.

A Final Word

Sports betting can be awarded if you treat it right. The bottom line is that if you want to earn money as a bettor, you need to ensure that you are familiar with a little more than the fundamentals of the game. Bet on what you know. If you want to experiment, choose trustworthy bookies for the same.

Author’s Bio for Rebecca Martin

Suppose there ever was an expert on everything related to gambling and betting. In that case, Rebecca Martin is your go-to professional. Having worked in the betting industry for decades, Rebecca Martin has established a great foundation that provides aid to novices looking to enter the betting scene. Bettors who have played for years and are experienced in everything related to the act of betting will acquire valuable insights from Martin’s expertise.

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